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Submerged Intimacy (Scorpio Moon) - 3 oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

Submerged Intimacy (Scorpio Moon) - 3 oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

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For a Scorpio¬†ruled by the moon, they are passionate and fearless¬†ūü•Ä¬†They recognize and fully understand the dualities of existence. However, this occasionally causes the Scorpio Moon to bring forward the darker aspects in others. To find a balance, the Scorpio¬†Moon can practice¬†balancing their emotions and understanding that all aspects of the human experience are not easily explained.¬†


Scorpio is the most intense and focused of the horoscope signs. Scorpio energy helps us dive deep, merge our superpowers and form bonds that are built to last. Embedded inside is Smokey Quartz, known as the "Stone of Power." It works to protect and releases negative energy around you and is great for anyone who tends to hold emotions in. It allows you to release what no longer serves you and grounds your energy. The combination of the crystals and embedded roses represent Scorpio's deepest wish: true intimacy with others. 


Infused with a blend of patchouli and rose, this is a sensually empowering pairing for the Scorpio Moon! 

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