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Mercury Direct - 5oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

Mercury Direct - 5oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

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When Mercury goes direct after its retrograde, or rather, moving at its normal pace again, the energy starts to even out and resume its normal flow. This means communication will be more clear, transportation and technology will be more reliable, and our minds will experience more clarity.


The perfect after-retrograde crystal is the "Master Healer" aka clear quartz.  It’s one of the most popular healing crystals, and for good reason. Clear quartz has the power to amplify all other crystals, charging them with restorative and protective energy. You can feel the healing properties of the white light vibrating through the energetic frequencies of the stone. Clear quartz helps you return to the power of Mercury by aligning and amplifying your communication. 


We created an incredible after-retrograde healing blend perfect for realigning your throat chakra. Notes of Rosemary, Mint with hints of Vanilla, and Cedar. 

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