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Her Sunset - 3 oz Crystal Infused Lesbian Pride Flag Bar Soap

Her Sunset - 3 oz Crystal Infused Lesbian Pride Flag Bar Soap

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In 2018, a new Lesbian Pride Flag was designed after consultation on a Tumblr account called ‘The Search for the Official Lesbian Flag‘. The original design for this version had seven stripes: consisting of three shades of orange (dark to pale), a white stripe, and three shades of purple (pale to dark). Each stripe had a specific meaning, from top to bottom – gender non-conformity, independence, community, relationships unique to womanhood, serenity, and peace, love and sex, and femininity. The flag was then condensed to five stripes. It is common to see both the five-stripe and seven-stripe versions displayed.


Embedded inside is the energy of Peach Quartz, which works to open up to the Divine portal, and allows you to discover your purpose for the highest good in this world. It promotes an understanding of how to connect one's dreams to reality. Therefore, Peach Quartz is beneficial for helping one to set and achieve goals. It allows one to become more social and supports your ability to focus on the needs of others. Peach Quartz can support those who work in public service by keeping their focus on the needs of others. Carrying this stone works to gently ground you, grows your personal power, and helps keep your emotions balanced.


A delicious blend of watermelon, crushed mint leaves, white grapefruit, and lilies infuse together to create a celebratory cocktail blend as vibrant as this beautiful flag. 

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