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Consulting The Spirits

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Enhanced with an embedded Indigo Gabbro crystal, which is referred to as a stone of wisdom. Due to its uncanny ability to shift one’s consciousness, it helps evaluate the parts of the self/soul that need to be developed and healed. It will ground clear messages, giving you insight into your meditations and dreams, perfect for intuitive learners, meditators, and channelers. Indigo Gabbro casts spells by amplifying higher energies, strengthening intuition and psychic ability, and enhancing our connection to the Universe, making it easier for us to connect with our magic tools and abilities such as tarot reading, divination, channeling, and clairvoyance.  If you have been afraid to do shadow work this is the perfect stone to work with.


This is a clear sign to turn towards your psychic nature. Paired with natural notes of pomegranate, blood orange, passionfruit, rose water, violet leaf, thyme, and musk, this bath bomb allows you to see into your own, magical crystal ball! 


Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 80,  Fragrance, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), FD&C Water Soluble Color, Polysorbate 80, and Biodegradable Glitter (Made from Cellulose Fibers)

How To Use

Fill your tub with water that's comfortable for you to soak in.

Drop in the bath bomb of your dreams and enjoy the show. Some have hidden sparkle, a blend of colors, gorgeous fragrance and more.

Grab onto the hidden crystal inside. You can hold onto this stone throughout the rest of your bath or place in the water to absorb the energy.

Get in and enjoy your moment of self care.

Tag us in your baths @crystalbarsoap #washwithenergy

making magic since 2015

Our goal has always been to bring spirituality and wellness together. Each bar is made with a crystal inside that infuses the soap with positive energy. We also minimizing our environmental impact by eliminating plastic bottles from body washes ending up in landfills. When you finish your soap you are left with a crystal to use again and again.