Intuition Ocean


Our Intuition Ocean Bath Salt Soak is here to help you go-with-the-flow and embrace a fluid approach to life and the challenges that present themselves along your journey.


Infused with the serene energy of Amazonite this blend stimulates your Heart and Throat Chakras. It is connected to the energy of water and in moments of stress will help guide you down your own inner river of tranquility. This gentle stone of Hope will guide you to overcome setbacks, obstacles, and challenges that present themselves along your life’s journey. This stone holds the fluid energy of water and reminds you that life’s current will always take you where you need and are meant to go. Soak in this herbal blend and feel the energy of hope move through your body. 


Drift away into the deep ocean waves of this fresh and complex wind of coconut water, pink Himalayan salt, seashells, white lilies, and sandalwood.


Instructions for Use:

  • Start to fill bathtub with hot/warm water
  • Scatter desired amount of Intuition Ocean Sea Salt as your tub fills with water. 
  • Place crystal in bathtub as the water is filling the tub.
  • Make sure the salt is dissolved before entering
  • Soak and enjoy the wonderful vibration


Ingredients: Amazonite, Natural USP Magnesium Sulfate, Coconut Milk, Epson Salt, Fragrance Oil, Water Soluble Pigment & Love!

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This product contains essential oils. Consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a health condition.

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