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Offset | Crystal Bar Soap

Crystal Bar Soap is committed to offsetting the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from all orders.

Why We Joined

Since joining Offset in 2020 we started to collect data to understand the impact shipping our orders has on the planet. Since June 2020 the Crystal Bar Coven has contributed to 8000 kilograms of CO₂ but because of Offset we have been able to give back resulting in an estimated 75,642.4 m² of forest protected or equivalent to 10,000 trees protected. 

We carefully vet all of our carbon offset projects to ensure that we only support high quality projects that truly reduce CO2 emissions and deliver meaningful impacts.

What Is Offset?

Offset allows us to neutralize your shipping emissions that contribute to climate change. Every month, Offset uses industry models to determine the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere for each shipment and calculates the total emissions generated by all orders shipped and each month we make a payment based of accumulated emissions towards forest protection initiatives.

To be clear, Offset is not a replacement for taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint—but it does help compensate for emissions we can’t currently avoid. 

Offset Initiatives

At the moment, Offset contributions are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest. Jari Pará Project is a forest conservation project. It reduces potential greenhouse gas emissions by protecting a large swath of forest (almost twice the size of Luxembourg) that otherwise would have been destroyed. It is a REDD+ project that is at the front lines of deforestation in the Amazon today trying to stop clear-cutting practices that are causing the loss of so much rainforest today.