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Self Care Sunday Morning Bath Ritual

January 10, 2022

Self Care Sunday Morning Bath Ritual

Welcome to the first #selfcaresunday bath ritual of 2022! I woke up early and really wanted to prioritize gifting myself a moment of self care. Usually I end up rushing out the door on a Sunday to run errands or grab breakfast with a friend but this year we are slowing down and enjoying the sweetness of life. 

I had a bright collection of products from our Herbal Apothecary collection that was the inspiration behind this bath. It was perfect for the morning too since all the scents were uplifting and it allowed me to rest without being feeling sleepy or slushy afterwards. 

My husband and I spoke afterwards and he told me that I'm always promoting taking a bath but I rarely speak about how good it makes you feel afterwards. This sentence has being replaying in my head since he said it. Because its true. That feeling of stepping out of the bath feeling refreshed, relaxed, happy is the reason why we do what we do. 


Feeling thankful to have the chance to bath in the sunlight on a early Sunday morning. If you have never had a morning bath I would highly suggest it, it is a totally difference experience than bathing at night and it has quickly become my favorite time to bathe. 

Sunday Morning Bath Ritual Products Used:

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