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Black Tourmaline: Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties

Black Tourmaline | Crystal Bar Soap


Black Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, and great to use during any of your journeying or personal rituals. As a black stone, it absorbs negativity, trapping it in its core. This stone has the ability to become electrically charged when it is heated, igniting one end of the stone as a positive and the other end as a negative. One side will attract items, and the other will repel items (small basic things like dust or debris). This stone is incredibly protective, banishing unwanted spirits and energy away. It protects against psychic attacks, the unwanted energy people knowingly or unknowingly send your way, and can help you to stay focused on positivity and light thanks to its absorption of negativity. Think of this stone as a positive and protective force in your life, and it will do just that for you. When it removes negativity from you, imagine it transforming that energy within its dark core, and regurgitating it as a positive fluid vibration. This stone is a great partner for anyone who feels exhausted emotionally or mentally, and can help restore your energy supplies. 


Base Chakras

PROPERTIES Calming, Confidence, Focus, Grounding, Healing, Meditation, and Protection


Black Tourmaline Properties

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties 

Black tourmaline healing is focused on removing toxins from the body physically so that a person can once again thrive in their own flesh. When the chakras are underdeveloped or damaged, it is also claimed to balance the immune system, preventing viruses from taking control.

When black tourmaline is present, tension and anxiety seem to dissolve. Your organs are relieved of a great deal of unconsciously held stress, which enables them to function easily and carry out their everyday tasks in the healthiest way possible.

Black Tourmaline Chakra 

The root chakra, often known as the red energy center, is linked to black crystals. Because they are anchoring forces, they draw the person's energy toward the Earth so that they can feel at peace with their current situation.

Black stones can be quite beneficial for people who battle with that "head in the clouds" feeling since they help to anchor their body and mind to the Earth and alleviate laziness or existential ambiguity.

When the intention is set, black tourmaline's potent energy can be used to balance and awaken all seven chakras.

How to Use Black Tourmaline for Protection? 

Black tourmaline functions most effectively when it is placed physically close to the person it needs to protect.

The easiest way to do this is to either wear black tourmaline as jewelry or keep a piece on hand at all times. A tiny bit can be kept in your pocket or set out on your desk at work. The more time spent in close proximity to these stones, the better.

Black Tourmaline in Divination

Black tourmaline's significance in divination is that you will be given insight into how to resolve a perplexing or cloudy situation.

Tourmaline in a dream denotes an accident.

Will Black Tourmaline Dissolve in Water? 

Is black tourmaline water resistant? It can, in fact. This stone can be submerged in water for extended periods of time without dissolving because it is water-safe.

Charging Black Tourmaline 

After being used for a while, tourmaline has a particular taste for how it wants to be recharged.

It is advised that tourmaline be immersed in a saltwater solution once every month. You can use saltwater that has been drawn from an ocean or a mixture that you have made yourself.

The next morning, rinse the stone with new water after letting it soak all night. After a few hours of baking and drying in the sun, you can resume regular use as required.