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Activity: Quiet Time/Meditation Using Crystals

Kids have so much energy that it can be difficult for them to tune it down during times of rest and relaxation.. using crystals can help.

Having quiet time with your special crystal can help your stone to share its energy with you. Crystals and gemstones are one of the best ways to help them calm down. 

Try this next time you need to give your little one some quite time. 

1. Find a peaceful space and take a comfortable position, this can be on a pillow in a corner or in their room. 

2. Grab onto a few crystals and place them near by, don't offer them to your child yet. 

3. Ask them to close their eyes. Next you want to encourage some deep breathing. We encourage you to do this with them until they are following along with you. 

4. Once they are calm, ask them to ask permission to the crystal to hold onto them. This works to teach boundaries and will show you they are ready to accept the energy of the stone. 

5. Now they can pick the stone that they want. Allow them to hold it in their hands. You can ask your child how it makes them feel or if they stone is telling them anything. Eyes can go back to being closed. 

6. Once their time is done, Have them thank the crystal and return it. 

7. If you want you can follow up this meditation with a coloring or if they are older journeying practice and ask them to write/draw how they felt. 


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