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What Does Each Lunar Phase Mean? How To Use The 28-Day Moon Cycle To Your Advantage

What Does Each Lunar Phase Mean? How To Use The 28-Day Moon Cycle To Your Advantage

Have you’ve ever wondered what each lunar phases means? Because the moon is considered the ruler of your emotions the moon has a significant influence on your day-to-day existence.

After all, the moon goes through eight phases of the lunar cycle during its orbit of the Earth, which lasts about 28 days. This cycle always starts with the new moon, peaks during the full moon, fades back into the night, and then the cycle repeats itself. Every one of the moon's four major phases—new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and last quarter moon—lasts for around seven days, marking a significant yet subtle shift in the cosmos. The moon also changes into each zodiac signs every 2.5 days, which adds more unique energy to every day.

Its undeniable that these is a powerful connection between the moon, the earth and the human body. Our bodies are made of 60% water and the moon rules the tides, we know this through endless studies between the moon and our oceans. 

Learn what each phase means and take advantage of the lunar cycle's rhythm and use it to heal, grow, transform, and reenergize your energy. Lets beginning at the beginning of this Lunar Cycle. 


New Moon

The lunar cycle officially begins with the new moon. The moon is obscured during this phase, leaving the spotlight to other celestial bodies. Consider the moon as a seed being sown into the soil as it disappears under the cover of night. After all, the new moon is a good moment to decide what you want to achieve over the following month. Because the moon is in the optimum position to support you in beginning something new, starting a project, relationship, work, or routine will prove to be very useful at this time. Right now, you have the power to manifest any dreams you have.

P.S – The new moon is a fresh start to the month of lunar magic. If you didn't achieve what you wanted last time, take time to reflect and try again with a new approach.  

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Waxing Crescent

The moon starts to reveal itself once again in the few days that follow the new moon. This is known as the waxing crescent phase of the moon cycle, by the time it has shrunk to a sliver of light the size of a toenail. You're probably beginning to move toward your next objective at this point. You've started working on your project and are moving along!

Focus on the one thing that calls to you during the waxing crescent phase. At the new moon, you had a brilliant idea, and now your goals are starting to take shape. Don't be scared to make mistakes when you implement your initial plan of action. The secret is trial and error! Keep going until you reach your goals.

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First Quarter Moon

The first quarter of the lunar cycle begins when the moon is halfway lit. You might have started to notice some obstacles in your path by this point. Roadblocks are appearing, miscommunications are common, and you might even be questioning your capacity to carry things out. Never give up! Instead, take note of what these difficulties are attempting to tell you because they can provide a wealth of information about what needs to be changed. This lunar phase is meant to motivate you to keep going, even if it seems hard to get through these obstacles. You'll achieve success before you realize it! 

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Waxing Gibbous

The moon is almost entirely visible when the moon enters into the waxing gibbous phase. You might notice that things are really starting to pick up during this phase because it occurs just before the dramatic full moon! You feel energized and motivated to complete your goals during the waxing gibbous phase. It motivates you to reflect on who you are and make sure your objectives are in line with your long-term vision. You begin to understand the circumstances more clearly at this stage of the lunar cycle. And now is the perfect moment to make whatever changes you wish! This is a lovely moment to have a private discussion with your partner, clear the air with a friend, or even bring up a subject with your supervisor. 

Full Moon

The full moon marks the high point of the lunar cycle. This is when drama unfolds and life-altering moments take place. Think of the full moon as the most climactic part of a movie; when a twist in the plot-line begins to reveal itself and the bad guy gets away. 

After all, the full moon is a moment of truth, shining a light on deeply buried truths that are now starting to resurface. It shows you something that you needed to know about yourself and the people around you, because not everyone has your back. Secret agendas make themselves known during this phase of the lunar cycle, as there is no hiding from the way a full moon exposes everything that you haven’t seen before. This is a time when major changes take place, as the truth-telling effects of a full moon often force you to take action one way or the other. And because the full moon is such an intense experience, the toll it takes on your psyche could even be described as a “full moon hangover”. Don’t underestimate the way a full moon can rock your world!

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Waning Gibbous

As the full moon starts to fade into the waning gibbous phase it encourages you to let go of everything that no longer serves you. Now is the time to process the changes that occurred during the full moon. This experience might vary in difficulty because not every full moon is profoundly transformative. The waning gibbous phase, which aids in becoming accustomed to your new normal, can be rather intense when you're experiencing a genuinely critical period in your life. 

The process will go more smoothly and under less strain if you are honest with yourself and others. This is a great time to begin a new wellness regimen or diet, undertake seasonal cleaning, etc.

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Last Quarter

The last quarter phase is the perfect time to make a commitment. The moon is once more halfway illuminated at this point and will push you to take a stand and declare your goals. Your life will soar the more you examine yourself and decide what you want to stand for. Contrary to popular belief, you *do* have power over the course of your life. It's a potent time to reconnect with yourself and what you're here to achieve because the final quarter moon pushes you to change direction when you've veered from your intended course. 

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Waning Crescent

When the moon enters into the waning crescent phase its time to celebrate your accomplishments and newfound knowledge! This time of the month invites you to reflect and evaluate the harm. A fading crescent moon encourages you to get rid of all the things you've been holding onto because you are no longer required to do so. After all, what has happened is in the past, and it cannot be changed. All you can do is acknowledge all of your victories and learn from your past mistakes. Use this period as a chance to let go of the past's burden.

Because that the new moon starts just a few days later, this is the perfect time to think about what you want to accomplish next. Make your peace with the past and get reacquainted with the idea of the future!

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