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This Could Be The Start of Something New —Welcoming the New Astrological Year

This Could Be The Start of Something New —Welcoming the New Astrological Year | Crystal Bar Soap

Welcome to the first day of spring, the first day of Aries season 2021, and it’s also the first day of the 2021 astrological new year. This sequence of makes today the ideal time to set new goals and visions. We have a fresh slate to begin again. Anything is possible now.

What to expect this 2021 Astrological Year

The 2021-2022 Solar Year will be infused in Venusian energy. 

Every nine and a half months, the Sun and Venus come together to form conjunction. This is often a powerful union, but plays a part in a larger cycle. This happens early into the Aries season, fresh into the Astrological New Year. The Sun enters Aries on March 20, followed by Venus the next day. On Monday, March 22, these two celestial objects are close enough to be considered in conjunction. The aspect will peak on March 26, when their union is considered exact. This is a wonderful energy surrounding the Spring Equinox, both the Sun and Venus will be blending energies for an entire week.

This transformation often creates a shift in the Venus-ruled areas of our lives, which includes our appearance, self-worth, relationships, love and finances. 

It is important to understand how Venus will impact us as we enter into a post-Covid/Post-KUWTK world. The way we approach our own personal beauty will drastically change, after a year of comfortable working from home outfits I think we can assume being comfortable in our body and clothes will be valued much higher than making a statement in outfits that do not feel comfortable in. 

Venus is also here to remind us that our self-worth is much deeper than what we wear and how we look.

Our relationships have been challenged too over the last year. While in shutdown many of us had to live with our partners full time. HAD to live being a key word. As we reopen and are desperate to get out and embrace this world again be prepared for your relationships to be tested. Simply put, many of us have been in survival mode and life under quarantine has changed a lot of us. ––The biggest question to ask yourself now about your relationship is "Are you both still wanting to be in this relationship or has quarantine changed you both too much in different directions? 

–– it's also important to remember that we are kicking off all this Venus energy with Aries Season. This can bring a fiery energy to our relationships unlike we have seen in months. This spice can be actually what we need to bring the heat to our sex drives. While fun and flirty to start, Venus is uncomfortable in Aries and as we stay in this energy during this month be prepare for some fighting and anger. This may be the exit sign you need to end a relationship and move on if you have been feeling unhappy in your relationship. For those happy and in love, Venus in Aries makes us feel more attracted to the people we like. It brings fun sexual energy and attention we crave from our partners. 

Lastly, Venus is coming here to impact our finances. 

Statically speaking, under the stay at home orders the average household is more financially stable than ever before. The lack of eating out, traveling, and endless new outfit shopping means we have more moolah than ever before. Under Venus, this energy will help us spend, understand, and grow our money towards the big things that really matter to us.

This year will be about discovering what truly matters to us, cutting the cord in all aspects of our life that is holding us back and finally getting the life you have been manifesting. 



Thank you for the new insights and for sharing 🌌


I had to go back and re-read this article a few months after to see how accurate the forecast for this year has been so far. So far everything has come true about cord-cutting ! It’s too much to put into a comment here but definitely an essay on it later how my 2021-2022 astrological year has went !

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