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These products are highly recommended for Venus Retrograde

These products are highly recommended for Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde is upon us.

Venus retrograde is be both lovely and awful. Venus Retrograde, which occurs approximately every two years and lasts for about forty days, manages to break more hearts than any other retrograde! Venus is the ruler of money, romance, pleasure, self-esteem, and core values, so you can expect all of these things will be affected by the Venus retrograde. 

We are often asked about the best beauty products to use during planetary retrogrades. For years we have been studying the planets and how best to work with them during our beauty routines and we have a long list of tried and true products that have saved us throughout the years.

And being that Venus is the planet of self-care, beauty, money, and confidence it's important that we take care of ourselves during this time. After all, we choose who and what to devote our time and energy to so make sure you are at the top of the list!

Here is our list of personal favorite picks that many of my cosmic friends and family members love using, too. All of these products will prove to be helpful during Venus retrograde.

1. Rose of Venus Body Oil 

Our Rose of Venus bath and body oil will give you dewy silky hydrated skin while cleansing your aura. Infused with the energy of Rose Quartz to bring  unconditional love to you and your process into full bloom. Scented in a soft blend of Raspberry, Peonies, and Violet Leaf to enhance the energy of the planet Venus.  


2. Flight To Venus Bar Soap 

Inspired by the planet Venus, this crystal soap energy inspires us to seek peace, harmony, and cooperation—and to do it with style and grace.


3. Money Bath Bath Salt

Venus energy is also associated with money and finances, so during a Venus retrograde period, it’s not unusual to experience financial shortages, gaps or lossesUse our Money Bath Salt Soak to manifest your success, focusing on your gratitude for all you do have, and visualizing what you want to call in. 


4. Venus Rebirth 

With Venus asking us to relook at how we are showing up, the Venus Rebirth is a powerful bath bomb to take off your mask and emerge as a new goddess. Fill your tub with warm water and drop this bath bomb into the water, and just like the Birth of Venus, your tub will transform into the waters of the energy of this goddess. Bathe in this energy and arise from the water as the goddess you are



Looking for more creations to help. you survive the Venus Retrograde of 2023? Explore our entire collection here of Venus Rx inspired creations. All of these products will prove to be helpful during Venus retrograde.

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