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The Spiritual Meaning of the May Full Moon 2023

The Spiritual Meaning of the May Full Moon 2023

The Scorpio Full Moon reaches its peak fullness on Friday, May 5, 2023. Scorpio is a sign associated transformation and under the Full Moon can be emotional and intense. Expect the unexpected, as things that were once hidden reveal themselves. The name of this Full Moon is fitting the themes scorpio brings, all flowers start off as a seed planted deep within the earth and only through nourishment do they make their way to the surface into a full bloom. 

Under the Full Moon we are being asked to look at what is nourishing us, on one end we will see light and what is clearly adding to our well-being, but the full moon will cast its shadows making this a great time to face your inner truths and release what is no longer working. This moon is a powerful opportunity for us to expand and evolve.  

This Full Moon Connects Us With The Beauty of Life & Death

The Full Moon of May is named after the flowers that begin to bloom during this month. The springtime blooms serve as a gentle reminder that everything is part of the life and death cycle. This cycle also occurs inside of us, allowing us to shed the things in our lives that are stunting our growth. There is a lovely newness that emerges as those things disappear. We are left with a wide open space for rebirth, where we can plant seeds for our spirit to fully bloom. 

Every season, magnificent, vibrant, and full of life flowers rebloom. It's difficult to imagine that the ground was once cold, hard, and lifeless when we witness their beauty and sense the vitality emanating from our flower companions. A essential death took place to make room for this fresh, exquisitely alluring bloom. Many people find the word "death" frightening. But dying and going through a full cycle have a certain beauty to them. Once that voyage is finished, it's time for something new to take root there, something with a beauty of its own but enhanced by the soil, full of knowledge and teachings from the previous energy that once resided there.

We can learn a lot from the flowers, which are rooted and grounded yet flowing in the wind. Prepare yourself to go through a full cycle of emotions during the Scorpio full moon, letting go of what no longer serves you to rest and making room for your fullest bloom yet!


The Scorpio Full Moon Brings Us The Chance To Transform

Scorpio energy connects us directly to the power of our emotions. This energy is complex and transformative. Scorpio is a sign full of emotional depth and a complex comprehension of life's secrets and a depth of feeling. For the Full Moon in Scorpio, the light from the moon brings the shadow energies of Scorpio are to the forefront. What is unresolved becomes part of our subconscious shadows of fear that we hold buried within. 

While New Moons represent beginnings, a Full Moon signals the end of a cycle, a time to reflect on the experiences you’ve had over the past month, the connections you’ve made, and the emotions you’ve felt. 

"I Can Buy Myself Flowers"

A blooming ritual for the Full Moon – Spend this Full Moon surrounding yourself with a tub of flowers, our Flower Moon Bath bomb is infused with Unakite, this stone inspires us to live a full life. It wants to hear all about your wildest dreams and will work alongside you to make your dreams come true. Uncover this stone by placing it into the water, and watch as the colorful flowers swirl around the tub and the Unakite stone is released. As you soak in soft notes of white peach, jasmine petals, and passionflower take time to honor your growth so far this year. 

Afterwards, treat your skin to a floral-infused bath oil that will bright your spirits and bring a new sense of hope. Superbloom is infused with Peach Quartz and scented in a uplifting blend of Aloe Blossom, White Lily, Green Tea, and Rose this oil will hydrate your skin and will leave you feeling hopeful.


Because of the energy of this full moon, we are reminded that all things must come to an end. This is your chance to put yourself on whatever path you wish to be on. Listen to the universe and let it guide you. For best results, be an open channel for creative and spiritual downloads. These could send you on a creative path or stumbling into investment opportunities.


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