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The Spiritual Meaning Of April's Full Moon in Libra Full Moon 2023

The Spiritual Meaning Of April's Full Moon in Libra Full Moon 2023

The Libra Full Moon reaches its peak fullness on April 5, 2023. Libra is a sign associated with our relationships and how we interact within them. It is also connected to justice, fairness, and the needs and well-being of others.

Under the Libra Full Moon, we may notice a spotlight on our relationships and how we choose to show up in them. Which connections are bringing out the best in us? What beliefs prevent us from becoming all that we are capable of being?

This may be made clear to us by the Full Moon, which also sends out healing energies that can help us feel more secure, supported, and seen. Also, we might finally gain the courage to end or change relationships that are no longer in line with our best interests.

This Full Moon Brings The Season of Rebirth

The Libra full moon will mark the end of a cycle of commitment, balance and harmony. Consider the events of the past six months to determine whether it is worthwhile to maintain a relationship or circumstance. If you're not sure whether to keep dating someone, ask yourself if they contribute to your peace of mind or disturb it.

This Full Moon brings us the opportunity of growth and significant change. Also known as the pink moon because of all the pink wildflowers blossoming in the spring, a season of renewal and rebirth.

The Libra Full Moon Brings Healing

Full moons are a great time for releasing blocks, discovering solutions, and amplifying your energies!

The Libra full moon is best for healing issues surrounding:

– The skin, kidneys, hips, lower back, buttocks
– Relationships: romance, marriages, professional partnerships, close connections
– Attraction, beauty, charm, persuasion, kindness
– Fairness, mediation, compromise, making peace
– Artistic taste, balance and aesthetics, creating harmony inside and out
– Indecision, conflict avoidance, self-sacrifice, over-indulgence, black-and-white thinking

Because of the energy of this full moon, we are reminded that our wounds don't have to hold us back from being totally present and authentic in our relationships. Our wounds can still be there while guiding us toward wholeness, love, connection, and beauty. perceptive and a teacher. And maybe your wounds can do the same for you.



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Jimmy Kavora

Very interesting! Never knew this till now. Thanks 🙏

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