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The Full List of Full Moon Names and Their Meanings

The Full List of Full Moon Names and Their Meanings

January - Welcomes The Wolf Moon

inner power, insight, assess your journey, protection

As the first full moon of the new year rises, this name comes from the weather during this time of year. It's cold and snowy and in some places, the wolves run in packs, prowling for food. The spiritual meaning of this Wolf Moon as one of protection, introspection, and a deeper connection to the intuitive sense that lives within. This is also called the "Moon after Yule" which inspired our bath bomb from our annual Yule collection.

February - Brings the Snow Moon

new beginnings, transformation, change, reflection, candle magic

This moon got its name because in much northern hemisphere this month has the heaviest snowfalls. The spiritual meaning of the snow moon is a powerful period for personal development and transformation. The energy that this celestial full moon produces can be used to delve us into one's most intimate thoughts and feelings. 

March - Say hello to the Worm Moon

fresh starts, new growth, hope, light/dark balance, water magic

We honor the Full Worm Moon in these vibrant days of March. These minute signals signal the end of the gloomy, icy days and the start of a new season. This name recognizes that March is the month when the ground begins to warm in the northern hemisphere, and the earthworms return to the surface.The Earth is waking up from its lengthy Winter slumber. The Full Worm Moon in March represents optimism, hope, and fresh starts.

April - The Pink Moon Arrives

rebirth, renewal, discovery, fertility, goals, planet magic

Spring is finally here and the pink moon (which isn't actually pink) gets its name from the first sight of blooming pink spring wildflowers. It honors the return of the ground flowers and mosses and the continued warming weather. The Pink Moon’s meaning is about optimism for the future and anticipating goals and dreams coming to fruition. Trust yourself as you attempt to change and grow.

May - The Flower Moon Blooms

abundance, gratitude, romance, fun, faery magic

May is the month when a bounty of flowers start growing in unison. The Flower Moon signifies that summer is approaching, temperatures are rising, and all the flowers are in full bloom. It's all about growth and abundance. Those that benefit from the flower moon are always fortunate to experience growth and abundance.

June - Manifest with the Sweet Strawberry Moon

harvest, manifesting, dreams, fruitfulness, nature magic

June is a time of strawberries coming ripe, so this month's full moon, Strawberry Moon, is named in their honor. The lesson learned from this moon is if you nurtured those seeds you planet in spring you can enjoy them now. This is an excellent moon to celebrate how far you have come. You should unwind, take a seat, and indulgently in the wonderful energy of the strawberry full moon. 

July - Reach Your Peak With The Buck Moon

inner fire, long term goals, leadership, sun/fire magic

This month brings the Buck Moon, named for the time that male deer antlers typically reach the peak of their growth at this point in the summer. Spiritually, you can think of the fullness of the buck’s antlers as a metaphor for harnessing your full potential.

August - Feel Success With The Sturgeon Moon

freedom, perseverance, gathering, weather magic

Named after the sturgeon fish, August was a popular time for sturgeon fishes to be caught but the fish is more rare now.  The sturgeon moon is a sign of a changing season. It is believed that a sturgeon moon is the beginning of harvest. When the sturgeon moon appears in the spiritual realm, it indicates that your efforts will be successful.  

September - Discover Revelations Under The Harvest Moon

harvest, gratitude, truth, balance, sharing, health & home

September has always marked the harvest period for some of the most important food grains. If everything goes according to plan, farmers will be able to work under the light of this moon far into the night and store extra food for the winter. 

As the days grow shorter as we approach winter, the harvest full moon's spiritual meaning is to light your way. Utilize it by taking a close look at who you are as shown by your struggles and successes so far this year. The Harvest Moon has historically been associated with the revelation of new truths.

October - Collect Wisdom From The Hunters Moon

strength, change, endurance, protection, transitions

The meaning of the Hunters Moon represents accomplishment. The name comes from a time when hunting was used to stock up food for the winter; most notably, in North America, The Hunters Moon allows us to revisit earlier teachings and collected wisdom from a higher vantage point, whereas the Harvest Moon was a time for reflecting on lessons acquired and savoring the benefits of prior efforts.

November - Prepare For The End With The Beaver Moon

preparation, security, grounding, remembrance

It gets its name because traditionally this is the time of year when beavers seek shelter for the colder months looming ahead. The beaver moon is a sign of change and transformation. It helps us to understand that nothing last forever. 

December - Say GoodBye With The Cold Moon

completion, renewal, reflection, shadow work

The Cold Moon is our last full moon of the year, and it’s all about reflection. It gets its name from the coldness of the long winters and the darkness of the nights. Its a good night to sit in silence, under the full moon and think about all that has happened during the last 12 months of your life.

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