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Guide To The Elements of the Zodiac

Guide To The Elements of the Zodiac

Back in April I wrote a blog post on the 4 elements of the Zodiac, you are read it here! (AIR, WATER, FIRE & EARTH SIGNS: THE ELEMENTS OF ASTROLOGY) I wrote this piece after working our way through the first 4 elements of the Zodiacs. 

Now 4 bars later I wanted to return to this topic and share with you a bit more on what I have learned since writing that piece. When learning about different things our brains tend to want to group things together, in this case I really enjoyed grouping the 4 elements and their respective traits together. 

So when I started to design the next round, I felt very confident that I knew exactly what I was doing.... wrong. Even through each signs has its own unique traits I found myself working with similar energy when approaching these new signs. 


GEMINI: The previous air sign that I did was Aquarius, which is my sun sign so I felt very confident about design this bar. Right away I had the unique challenge of capturing the duality of this sign. Something that when working with Aquarius energy I didn't need to do. But understanding that this was a air element really motivated me to keep a lightness to the soap. I really wanted to capture a cotton candy, fluffy cloud look which I think we did well! 

CANCER: Cancer was a challenging bar for me, its the beginning of summer and I originally thought I would play around with that energy in the bar but it felt really off. Eventually I went to a darkness/night side of the sign and found I connected with the spirit of Cancer. What I found most interesting is I found very similar Pisces energy when working with Cancer. When I designed the pisces bar, I wanted to use a protective stone to help them in their most vulnerable state and I did the same with Cancer... interesting eh?

LEO: Working with Fire signs always gets me pumped up! I was super eager to create the Aries sign too and capture this inner flame, so when working with Leo I challenged those same vibes but in a slightly different way. This sign definitely has a royal, born confident energy where with Aries I felt I was designing something to remind them of that energy. Either way.. I think Fire sign and my soul ignites. Its very cool.

VIRGO: This sign was the most off from the last Earth bar I did, Taurus. I really felt Taurus embodies the beauty of being grounded and shinning that light onto others where Virgo almost seems more like a structural beam in a building. They are the healers of the zodiac, and while all of us are building our towers they are the only ones offering thoughtful feedback. This organization energy is in a way grounding but in a new light I have yet to seen. 

We have now done 8/12 Zodiac bars, I am now more excited than ever to complete the collection and finish my perspective on the 12 signs and their respected elements. Stay tuned for more updates on the entire collection and more articles on the behind the scenes of creating each bar. 

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Danielle Payne

I was wondering if you are going to be making all of the zodiac signs? Because I am a Capaciorn! And, would very much like a Capracorn soap! Bath & Body Works also has a zodiac line. Except with candles! I am in love with my Capacorn candles from there! And would absolutely love to have a soap from your company of my zodiac sign!
Thank you very much,
Danielle Payne

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