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The 12 Full Moons And Their Spiritual Meanings

The 12 Full Moons And Their Spiritual Meanings

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon?

The spiritual meaning of the full moon varies depending on culture and tradition, but it is generally associated with heightened emotions, increased intuition, and deep spiritual insight. Many people believe that the full moon is a time when the veil between worlds is lifted, and we have greater access to other realms of consciousness. It is seen as a time of transformation, letting go of what no longer serves us, and embracing new beginnings.

What are the Different Types of Full Moons?

There are many different types of full moons, and each one is associated with different energies and meanings. Here are some of the most common full moons and their meanings:


1. Wolf Moon

during this time of year. It's cold and snowy and in some places, the wolves run in packs, prowling for food. The spiritual meaning of this Wolf Moon as one of protection, introspection, and a deeper connection to the intuitive sense that lives within. This is also called the "Moon after Yule" which inspired our bath bomb from our annual Yule collection. 

2. Snow Moon

This moon got its name because this month's northern hemisphere has the heaviest snowfall. The spiritual meaning of the snow moon is a powerful period for personal development and transformation. The energy that this celestial full moon produces can be used to delve into one's most intimate thoughts and feelings and infused with White Jade, which brings peace, love, and a greater sense of self. 

3. Worm Moon

We honor the Full Worm Moon in these vibrant days of March. These minute signals signal the end of the gloomy, icy days and the start of a new season. This name recognizes that March is the month when the ground begins to warm in the northern hemisphere, and the earthworms return to the surface. The Earth is waking up from its lengthy Winter slumber. The Full Worm Moon in March represents optimism, hope, and fresh starts.

4. Pink Moon

Spring is finally here and the pink moon honors the return of the ground flowers and mosses and the continued warming weather. The Pink Moon’s meaning is about optimism for the future and anticipating goals and dreams coming to fruition. Trust yourself as you attempt to change and grow. 

5. Flower Moon

The Flower Moon in May brings us the chance to bloom into our best selves. Just like little seeds that we planted into the depths of dirt, this full moon reminds us that we have to work through our darkest shadows to find our way to the light. This full moon is focused on growth and abundance and celebrates all the shadow work you have done to get to this point. 

6. Strawberry Moon

June is a time of strawberries coming ripe, so this month's full moon, Strawberry Moon, is named in their honor. The lesson learned from this moon is if you nurtured those seeds you plant in spring you can enjoy them now. This is an excellent moon to celebrate how far you have come. 

7. Buck Moon

This month brings the Buck Moon, named for the time that male deer antlers typically reach the peak of their growth at this point in the summer. Spiritually, you can think of the fullness of the buck’s antlers as a metaphor for harnessing your full potential.

8. Sturgeon Moon

The Sturgeon Moon is all about writing off convention and breaking free of expectations in order to fully embrace your individuality. It's time to make a mark on the world and follow your passions without compromising who you really are. This is a time for making radical life changes and breaking free of expectations. In the Sturgeon Full Moon cycle, you are forced to navigate through thick waters. You need more protection and guidance than ever.

9. Blue Moon

A blue moon is a rare celestial event that occurs when there are two full moons within the same month or astrological season. Blue Moons are rare which means their energy tends to be bigger and brighter. Blue moons are full of the energy you need to reignite passion and enthusiasm for your dreams and start walking toward them. 

The Blue Moon gives you the power to truly bounce back from any feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, and realize your true inner knowing. Be forewarned, you may feel inspired to embrace your ultimate destiny!

10. Harvest Moon

The Harvest Full Moon has a strong potential for spiritual growth and for deepening your spiritual connection with the Divine, expanding your consciousness and intuition. The full moon in general represents a time of climax and fruition, but this is especially true in the autumn months around the three harvest moons. The September full harvest moon carries an energy of endings, symbolizing the connection between life and death, decay, natural cycles, and seasonal times. It is a time to accept and welcome the darkness with open arms and spirit, and to take a moment to look back in history at your ancestors and the lessons they can teach you

11. Hunter's Moon

The Hunter's Moon is the first full moon that occurs after the Harvest Moon, which is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. It is a time of transition, prosperity, fulfillment, and preparation. The spiritual meaning of the Hunter's Moon is about activating our inner warrior as we set forth into the darker half of the year

12. Beaver Moon

It gets its name because traditionally this is the time of year when beavers seek shelter for the colder months looming ahead. The beaver moon is a sign of change and transformation. It helps us to understand that nothing last forever.  The beaver is about building small parts to form one big picture.

13. Cold Moon

The Cold Moon is our last full moon of the year, and it’s all about reflection. It gets its name from the coldness of the long winters and the darkness of the nights. Its a good night to sit in silence, under the full moon and think about all that has happened during the last 12 months of your life.

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