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Taurus Edition: Self Care For The Stars

Taurus Edition: Self Care For The Stars
When it comes to exploring self-care for the zodiacs, I often see people confused with the signs is their energy and pairing it with something that matches vs. what I like to do which is pairing it with something that helps heal.
Let me give a great example, using Taurus! Most people see Taurus and think "soft earth sign" their self-care should be with comfy and grounded! "Cuddle in bed with a book" and that's it... This is great but its not how I see self care for each sign. When it comes to self-care I don't want a bandaid. I want long term healing, fulfilling, heart lead magic. So let's deep dive into the journey an Taurus needs to go on. 


The lovely Taurus, ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty you may think self care comes so naturally for this sign but truthfully, I don't think there is a Zodiac sign that needs moments of self care more than a Taurus. Taurus is a soft and sensual earth sign connected to touch and scent. They appreciate music, food, art, nature more than any other sign. They bring a sense of rest and grounding energy. But for a Taurus, they often hold too much value in material items. They compare quality of life to number of possessions so while they may seem to be the kings and queens of self care their true journey in life is to surrender their attachment to material security. For a Taurus, when they can find the value within themselves, and in others they are able to move through the world healing others simply because they embody worthiness beyond possession.  

Self Care For An Taurus

Self Care For Your Mind 

Taureans have many gifts, particularly in the realms of creativity – such as cooking, ceramics, woodworking. To bring the bull to a state of self care for the mind dive into the world of arts and crafts. Set yourself up to paint with soft music playing and connect with your sensuality. Connecting with your body will you paint will transport you to another world. Its not about what you paint but how you paint, imagine yourself now holding a paint brush with soft sunlight leaking into your room. The music is playing and you close your eyes, you sway with the music, softly touching your chest and when you open your eyes you made a few strokes of paint. Allow yourself to let your creativity shine through. 

Self Care For Your Body 

For the bull we are really working to develop a strong sense of worthiness, without the attachment to objects and indulgences. When it comes to working with the body we want to encourage you to move in a way that allows you to release your inner shadows and opens your heart. Try exploring ecstatic dance - which will let you explore your body through music and allow you to move freely as the music takes you away, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. We are working on releasing self-doubt, tension, and vanity. There is no doubt that this may be challenging for some but the goal is growth through self-care, not comfort.   

Self Care For Your Soul

Unplug from the material world, as an earth sign your soul will find peace when it connects with nature in any way. Spend a weekend in the mountains, go to a garden or local park, bring a book and leave the phone far away. Just enjoy being present with the earth. 

Made For Taurus 

Flourishing Garden (Taurus) Large Soap

Return To Roots Bath Bomb 



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