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Sun Ruled Rituals to Embrace during Leo Season

Sun Ruled Rituals to Embrace during Leo Season

It’s finally Leo season, meaning Main Character Energy has entered the chat. Between the fire sign’s confidence, charisma, ambition, and flair for theatrics, Leos were basically made for the spotlight. So it only makes sense for July and August to present the opportunity to treat the world as a stage.

We are taking a lesson for the Sun-ruled lions self-care rituals, a leo knows they are worthy of all the moments of self care they desire. While a Leo may thrive in the spotlight, they also need some "me time" in order to recharge their energy. This summer we are working on creating our own golden aura by taking more time to care for our selves.

Happy Birthday to the mane attraction!

Gifts are Leo’s love language- well okay, ALL love languages are a leos love language, but these wild cats appreciate a little luxury more than most. What could be better than a artisan soap handcrafted just around them? Maybe a crystal infused soap for their ultimate luxurious self care rituals! Here are our Top Picks for your favorite leos in your life.


1. Kingdom Within

Crystals can help Leos regain their vital energy. Washing with the energy of Tigers Eyes can bring energetic support and connect them with the royal energy within. It works to empower you and help develops your creative abilities.

Shop: Kingdom Within Crystal Soap

2. Golden Healer

Leo's are giant beams of light with enormous hearts 💛  When they have access to creative outlets and receive warm attention they shine bright and in return reflect that energy onto all around. Remind them of this with this golden healer soap.

Shop: Golden Healer Crystal Soap

3. Solar Success Body Oil

Its important for a Leo to keep their Solar chakra open and balance. By doing so they become a master of self. This oil works to keep the chakra aligned. Use to feel powerful and connected with your purpose in life.

Shop: Solar Chakra Body Oil

4. Leo Star Sign Bath Bomb

Ignite the fire within your heart with this Leo-inspired zodiac bath bomb. This is perfect for anyone that wants to feel confident and empowered, ready to take on the world!

Shop: Leo Bath Bomb


☀️ Sun Ruled Rituals ☀️

Leo season is a time to celebrate the sustained energetic force of the sun, as Leos are ruled by the sun itself. This season is all about embracing vitality, life, and energy, and there are many rituals you can do to align yourself with these themes.

Here are some Sun Ruled Rituals to Embrace during Leo Season:

  1. Heart-centered aromatherapy: Leo is ruled by the heart, so it's a great time to focus on heart-centered aromatherapy. Use essential oils like rose, bergamot, and ylang-ylang to open your heart and connect with your inner self.
  2. Glamour magick: Leo is known for its glamour and love of performance, so this is a great time to embrace your inner diva. Use makeup, jewelry, and clothing to express your unique style and let your inner light shine.
  3. Crystal work: Leos are very sensual fire signs, so working with crystals can be a powerful way to connect with this energy. Use crystals like citrine, carnelian, and sunstone to tap into your inner fire and embrace your passions.
  4. Sun salutations: As the sun is the center of Leo's energy, sun salutations are a great way to connect with this energy. Practice a few rounds of sun salutations each morning to start your day off with a burst of energy and vitality.
  5. Moon rituals: Leo season is a time of boldness and creativity, so use the energy of the full moon to manifest your dreams and desires. Perform a full moon ritual to set intentions and release anything that no longer serves you.

By embracing these Sun Ruled Rituals during Leo Season, you can connect with your inner fire and embrace your passions, creativity, and vitality.

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