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Summer Solstice Self Care Rituals

Summer Solstice Self Care Rituals

Alexa play "Solar Power" by Lorde! Are you ready to transition into the blissful carefree days of summer? Use these self-care rituals to celebrate the Summer Solstice and the start of summer. 

During the solstice, the sun is at its highest point, meaning there are the most hours of daylight and least hours of darkness of any day in the year.  This is when the sun is at its peak, the most powerful day of the year for solar energy, and brings a shift in energy that increases motivation. Here’s everything you need to know to partake in the perfect Summer Solstice rituals.  

1. Show gratitude for nature

When I think of the summer solstice the first imagine that comes to mind is humans dancing naked in a field of flowers. This has because there is an abundance of solar light in the sky, and during this time we naturally will feel like spending more time outdoors. The Summer Solstice marks the start of the three summer zodiac signs—Cancer, Leo, and Virgo—that deal with your relationship to your environment. Soak in the sunlight, get naked, swim, dance, breathe, wherever you are. Immerse yourself in the day and give thanks for the sun and its power!

2. Make time for self-reflection

The summer solstice marks a perfect time for self-reflection, it marks the mid-way point between the year and I love to use this time to think about the expectations I had at the start and how I am feeling chasing those goals. It things no longer feel in alignment I release them to make way for new opportunities. The second half of the year always moves so fast for me and so much growth happens during this next phase. 

Now marks a perfect time to reflect and make sure you are aligning your desires with your actions. The summer is a time for fun and child-like energy, so make sure you set aside time to play while balancing a little it of work towards your goals to make sure you are living your most fulfilled life. 

3. Take a Summer Bath 


Time to soak it all in! Grab your favorite creations and draw yourself a lukewarm bath - grab products that reflect the energy of the sun. Use this time to work on all the self-reflection work we mention above. End the bath with a fast absorbing body oil to lock in extra moisturizer, during the summer you want to keep your skin as hydrated as possible and use every chance you get to keep your skin glowing.

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