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Spiritually Cleansing - It's Time To Elevate Your Washing Routine

Spiritually Cleansing - It's Time To Elevate Your Washing Routine

We wash our bodies in some way every single day, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to generate quite the level of excitement or attention as it should. What could be the biggest opportunity for you to connect with our bodies has become a mundane task. This is why switching out your skin-care products for ones that remind you to connect with your mind, body and soul is key! 

Everything you welcome into your life has energy, and although there is nothing wrong with it, using that basic $1 bar of soap from the grocery store when you have the means to upgrade doesn't scream I care about myself. Washing your hands and body  are essential self care necessities. So its time to upgrade! 

Considering the importance we place on using a good face cleanser (as we should!), it’s time to give equal consideration to body cleansers, as a nourishing, luxurious and high-quality bar soaps elevates the entire cleansing experience.

Imagine for the first time reaching for a magical, hand-crafted bar of soap that smells like heaven to cleanse your body. It feels special to hold onto it and the second you start was your body you feel like you are truly taking care of yourself on a new level. As you wash you close your eyes, you let the scent drift through the air and the silky bubbles cleanse your skin. 

Our soaps are made with clean and healing ingredients that cleanse, nourish and moisturize, without stripping your skin dry or causing irritation. Washing should be an enjoyable experience, so it’s time to opt for a bar of soap that really elevates the energy every-time you use it. See our most luxurious bars of soap we create that will seriously upgrade your bathing experience—and don’t forget to follow up with a dewy body oil to seal in that hydration.


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