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How To Shower Mindfully

How To Shower Mindfully | Crystal Bar Soap

Showering With Intention Has Insane Benefits

There are so many benefits of taking a mindful shower, and is a big reason why we created Crystal Bar Soap. Having the time to practice mindfulness is not always easy, but every time you shower is your chance to give yourself a few extra minutes to realign your energy and destress. 

Showering is a necessity in life, it's already something we do every day or two. Use this time to turn it into a self-care ritual for yourself. Adding a extra few minutes to your routine will have amazing impacts on overall mental and physical health. Lets now explore the small changes you can make to your showering routine to be a little more mindful.

How To Shower With Intention

The Start Of The Ritual

Start by creating a relaxing environment, my number one rule with showering and bathing is leaving my cellphone out of the bathroom. While we practice self care nothing is worst than seeing the light flicker on with a new notification or hearing beep go off. Turn your phone on silent and leave it out of the bathroom. For a few minutes, you deserve to disconnect. The second you do this you are communicating to yourself and the universe that this is a shower with intention! This is a time you are creating to take a mindful shower to clean both your body and mind.

Welcome What Brings You Joy

Time for my favorite part, picking the products that call to me while I shower. Maybe you grab a shower steamer or your favorite bar of soap! Having products that you enjoy using and feel good while. you use them is key. When you shower with intention everything you bring into your showering space is communicating the kind of energy you will attract. Make sure you have a soap and shampoo that makes you feel good every time you use it. Set it inside the shower for you to enjoy and care for your skin. 

Use Your Senses

Turn on the shower, mindfully observing the sound as your hand turns the faucet.
Get in the shower and take ten deep breaths to relax.
Now follow your consciousness around your body while you are cleaning.
Notice how the water feels on your body. As you clean your body, follow your touch with your mind so that you are meditating on the process of cleaning your body. Meanwhile, breathe in the steam and connect with your breathing.
Observe your five senses. Particularly focus on the relaxing scents in the shower, like the scent of the soap. Listen to the sound of the splashing water and the feeling of the steam as you breathe in. Focus on cultivating self-love as you clean your body. Remind yourself how beautiful and precious your body is.

Moment of Gratitude

Continue to be mindful while you dry your skin. Feel the softness of the towel and your robe. Express gratitude for the relaxation and for your clean body. Now mindfully observe the sensations of a clean body. How does it feel to have just stepped out of the shower? What kind of energy do you notice? Observe that energy.
Lastly, take a second to thank yourself for caring for your body and mind! You took the time to mindfully care for your body and that is something you should be very proud of! 

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