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Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra | Crystal Bar Soap

The 2nd Chakra, is the Sacral Chakra or Svadhishana which translates to “the place of the self.” This chakra is all about your identity as a human, it is also often associated with the sensual side of our human nature. It is the force of your creative energy that makes life enjoyable. It helps motivate you to enjoy the fruits of your labour including good friendship, creative activities and sex. You will gain a greater sense of wellness and abundance in your life. 

The second chakra (sacral) is associated with the element of water and as such, its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility. The function of the sacral chakra is directed by the principle of pleasure.  It is here we are encouraged to live a healthy, happy life while enjoying the simple pleasures of our existence. 

The Details

Location: The sacral chakra is located in our hips, sacrum, lower abdomen, womb, sexual organs, inner thighs.

Color: Orange

Signs of an Balance/Unbalanced Sacral Chakra

When in balance: We are open to people and the world around us. We accept and welcome change, movement – and are relatively comfortable with impermanence. We are in tune with our emotions and grounded in how we express them. When this chakra is open, creativity is available to us in many forms. We likely have a healthy relationship with our sexuality and are able to give and receive love freely, without fear.

When out of balance: We may feel overwhelmed by our emotions and have poor boundaries, making it difficult for us to feel comfortable and happy with ourselves and others. There is also a tendency to form unhealthy attachments in relationships and experience feelings of jealousy, distrust, envy, etc. Creative expression can also become blocked, leaving us feeling stagnant or uninspired.

Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

Carnelian: Known as a “feel better” stone, Carnelian is excellent at helping us find a connection between emotions and dis-ease. The positive energy this stone emits also boosts energy levels and confidence.

Orange Calcite: One of the more popular Sacral Chakra stones, Orange Calcite has a wonderful calming influence.  It also inspires the user and is particularly helpful with all creative endeavours.

Sunstone: An extremely cheery crystal, Sunstone perfectly embodies its name. It brings positivity and vitality to the user, supporting good health and promoting abundance.

Sacral Chakra Mantra

“Creativity is flowing through me.”



Angela Thompson

I understand why I’ve been so drawn to the color orange lately! I will be placing a body grid this evening thanks to this blog. Thank you 🧡


This post is exactly what I needed to come across this very second of my life! Needed to balance my body, heart and soul. Thank you!😆

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