Returning To Wholeness, A Lesson from Virgo the Virgin.

While researching what 2019 Virgo season would bring us I stumbled upon a article from Gostica  that I felt gave a whole new meaning to what Virgo means and I wanted to share it with you now. 

"Now the Sun is departing its ruling sign of Leo and moving into the sign of the virgin.

The symbolism behind the virgin has largely been misunderstood. When Virgo was named the sign of the virgin the word had a very different meaning.

Back in ancient times, being a virgin had nothing to do with sexual experience and was more about being whole in oneself. It represented this idea of belonging to yourself and not having to be accountable or in alliance with another.

In Ancient Greek mythology and before patriarchal religions were practiced, there were virgin goddesses liked Virgo, who carried out sacred duties. They didn’t need to partner up with another and they definitely didn’t fit the contemporary definition of the word “virgin.”

So, when we think about the symbol for Virgo being the virgin, we have to remember that is it about feeling whole and complete in yourself. It represents the freedom that comes when you feel confident and grounded in who you are and where you are heading.

After dancing under the Leo Sun, the Virgin knows who she is. She knows what she must do, she knows her strengths, her weaknesses, and her power, and she is sent to deliver them to us as the Sun moves through her."

So here we are at the doorway to wholeness, the lessons of summer ready to be applied as we moved into this new season. It is time to welcome this new season and welcome the idea of who we truly are into our lives. 

“Feel clarity wash over you as you consciously co-create with the universe.”

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