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Ready For Gemini Season? Here's What To Know + How To Work With It

Ready For Gemini Season? Here's What To Know + How To Work With It
As we welcome the first air sign of the zodiac calendar, Gemini season is here! From May 21st to June 20th, life starts to pick up its pace after a few weeks of comfort and content. This season is all about shaking things up with a little fun and taking swift action towards realizing our goals and intentions.

What to Expect During Gemini Season

Gemini is one of three air signs, alongside Libra and Aquarius. Air signs have a reputation for being cheerful, social, and free-spirited, but are often underestimated for how analytical and clever they really are. During this season, we can tap into the keen intellect and curiosity of our double-bodied sign and make informed decisions. This season’s burst of energy can be used to focus on unfinished projects or tasks that have been put on hold.
However, as Mercury - Gemini's ruling planet - is retrograde in its sign at the start of the season, there might be some challenges around communication and travel plans. It's important to take our time, double-check our documents, and be mindful of our words


How to Work With Gemini Season

Gemini is naturally super-curious, so it's a great time to learn new things and explore different aspects of life. This season is all about not taking things too seriously in life. It's a time to be carefree and away from chaotic objects. This not only helps you ease a bit but also helps to clean some clutter from your life.

If you've been thinking about taking a trip this summer, with nothing but a one-way ticket and your Wolvens, now is the time. This season is perfect for shifting your competitive nature into a cooperative attitude in any new projects

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