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Predicting A Major Bath Season In Your Future

Predicting A Major Bath Season In Your Future | Crystal Bar Soap

2022 brings four eclipses and this late April we will be entering into the first Partial Solar Eclipse of the season in Taurus on Saturday, April 30 2022 followed by the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on Monday, May 16 2022. Both solar eclipses and lunar eclipses bring massive shake-ups and surprises so take some time now to emotional prepare for what is to come.

What to expect from the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Energy

Welcome to eclipse season, the solar eclipse in Taurus could totally change the things we value and want to work toward. Because this Eclipse is happening under the energy of Taurus we are going to see these areas of love, beauty and money impacted the most. Thankfully, Taurus’ is an earth sign and provides us with a solid foundation to help us navigate these changes with grace.

A Solar Eclipse can stimulate a strong desire to take action. The energy is chaotic and fast pace so it will be very important to take a lesson from Aries Season and pause before jumping to conclusions. With this potent Taurus energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this eclipse season. 

Scorpio is the opposite sign of Taurus, so it is important that we take note of the areas Scorpio rules. You may feel shifts in areas of sex, passion, and the psyche. That’s because this eclipse align with two powerful astrological points: the north node, which will be in Taurus in 2022 (and symbolizes the life you may be growing into or moving toward), and the south node, which will be in Scorpio (and represents past-life energy and where you’re coming from). The theme from the eclipse under Taurus-Scorpio is to help us evolve. And this change will not be easy...

How to be prepared for Eclipse Season

Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs—aka the signs that most cherish stability and security so when these eclipses come to disrupt these signs you can expect things are going to get chaotic. To be prepared make sure you have a full stash of self-care products on hand. Be prepared for high levels of stress and response with moments of self care, such as a bath or lots of sleep. Regardless of your sign, bathing will definitely be the key to balancing the energy of watery scorpio and pleasing the self care rituals Taurus craves. 

Essential Eclipse Season Products 

Build your Eclipse Season Survival Pack with our must have products to handle all the chaotic energy that is sure to come from this Taurus-Scorpio Season. Our entire line of Taurus-Scorpio products was created to balance the energy from each sign. By nurturing the energy that rises to the surface this season you will be able to guide through these waters like a pro. 


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It’s May 4th and literally I’ve been so manic lately, picking up new habits and dropping old ones. I just hope these changes to my daily life last. Fully embracing the change even if it does hurt.

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