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Crystal Bar Soap was lucky enough to have been featured in this months issue of NailPro Magazine. The Good Vibrations article written by Lotus Abrams which explores how crystals have become an inspiration in salons across the country. She explores how nail spas are starting to incorporate variety of nail services designed to appeal to a spiritually inclined clients looking to soothe and treat their body and the mind while beautifying their nails. 


Spas have started to offer unique experiences that feature healing crystals, examples can be found within the article. These new treatments are being received super well by customers and it is clear that the energy of crystals is sticking around. 

The article also takes a moment to recognize the history of healing crystals, supporting that this "new wave craze" actually has a strong and long history in the spiritually world. 

The article really goes into depth on how this "trend" although pretty is much more than that. Quote from the article:

 "I think that wellness is going through a transition that extends beyond physical self-care into the mental, emotional and spiritual realms" "In the busy world we live in, it's important to integrate this new type of wellness into our routines and rituals. Paring crystal healing with nails - a ritual most women prioritize on a weekly basis - makes total sense."

Crystal Bar was asked to be featured as a product that salons and spas could offer in their space to promote this good vibes lifestyle. We are more than proud to stand beside this feature as it goes into a conversation very similar to why we do what we do here at CBS. 

We strongly believe in the self care movement on all aspect and are happy that this article showed that this trend is pretty but also much much more than that to the human spirit. 

Thank you so much for the feature!


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