Moonlit Harbor - Zodiac Collection

Moonlit Harbor - Zodiac Collection

Our “Moonlit Harbor” Cancer Zodiac bar has been out for a week now, As much of you already know we have been creating a new Zodiac Bar every month. This project started at the beginning of the year as a New Years Resolution; I have never kept a goal going this long but have the pressure to continue to make each of the signs has been truly motivating.

I thought when circle back through the different elements it was going to be easier, but the truth is each Zodiac Sign is so deeply complex that it really does take a month to proper manifest each design.

Cancer has been the hardest so far, everything from the design to the name was a bit of a challenge. I won’t put something out unless I am 100 percentage happy with every aspect; and this bar had to go through a ton of variations to get it right.

Going into this design I had a few key elements I was pretty sold on, I loved the idea of harbor. From all of my research about this water element being a protective family oriented sign I felt the description of a Harbor perfectly captured the core of a Cancerian.

I also really wanted to use Red Jasper; going back the protection trait I felt adding Red Jasper to this bar would really offer that grounding energy and as we enter summer with the Summer Solstice I felt this was the perfect stone for us to bring into the summer season. It also worked amazing to give us that famous “crab” vibe as it sat along the shore.

I felt with summer I wanted bright and fun colours, I was playing around with bright blues, purples, pinks, but every bar felt off….. something wasn’t right. I think I was trying to make this bar work for everyone instead of focusing on the Cancer elements. This is when I went to social media and started talking with a few followers on this design.


Along the way, a friend Alice reminded me that Cancer was ruled by the moon and capturing that moon energy in the bar could be a good idea. AND IT TOTALLY WAS! Right when she mentioned the moon everything seemed to fall into place. She even came up with the name of the bar in that very second “Moonlit Harbour”. There we go, the name was set, the vibes were back on track, the only thing left was to match the design to everything we just created.

We still loved the beach idea so our inspiration was a warm, summer night, with the Full Moon reflecting on the sea. We made the ocean a silver shimmer (moon light reflecting) and the beach a washed out white. The sand colour seems to disappear when the moon shines bright on it. Than just a little bit of walnut shells; these were a perfect fit to enhance the beach vibes and also to compliment the outer shell of a Crab. These simple changes were all that we needed to create the perfect bar.

I am so happy with the way this bar came out and the journey it took to be created into this collection. We get asked all of the time how we design our bars and honestly, it is different every time. I am so grateful for this blog and the opportunity to share the story of how this bar was made. If you want to experience “Moonlit Harbor” for yourself make sure to stop by the shop or click here. Thanks for all the love and support! xo


***Additonal Notes: I was adding in the quote chosen for this bar "FORGED FROM THE CHAOTIC WAVES OF EMOTION", and it just kinda hit me how perfect that also represented the creation of this bar. 


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