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What does "Mercury In The Microwave Mean" and Why is everyone saying it?

What does "Mercury In The Microwave Mean" and Why is everyone saying it?

Yes, Mercury is in the microwave. That’s why communication is all screwed up. For example, you probably have no clue why everyone is saying “Mercury is in the microwave.” 

 “mercury in the microwave” is a slang term for Mercury Retrograde which is an astrological phenomenon where the fast-moving planet Mercury appears to move backwards. This happens 3-4 times each year which is where the joke "mercury is in the microwave AGAIN" comes from. 

All planets retrograde but since mercury is the closest planet to the sun we experience its orbiting retrograde much more often than other planets. This backwards motion is just an optical illusion that gives the impression that the planet has changed direction and started moving backwards; That’s not how the world really runs.


When Mercury is retrograde, it tends to get the blame for anything going wrong in people’s lives. Mercury known as the planet of communication, its rules how we speak, learn, think, and is often how we introduce ourselves to others. When it enters into retrograde its as if all this energy justs flipped upside down. Communication is hard, technology doesn't seem to work etc but there is a silver lining! 

The benefits of Mercury Retrograde 

Work with Mercury, Not Against it

Mercury has a gift to show you lessons whether you want to see them or not, but being open to the lessons of mercury retrograde can actually make this transition a-lot easier. Mercury will make you feel uncomfortable, but it is through this awkward phase that will help you grow and move forward to a different position in life that suits you more harmoniously.

Mercury retrograde asks you to focus on reorganizing, relearning, releasing, and reconnecting. 

Try Not to Take Things Personally Mercury's retrograde makes us all feel a little more delicate and sensitive. You may find your friend or lover saying something that seemed to cut you to the core, it's crucial to keep in mind that they are also going through a difficult time.

    • Focus on past projects and unfinished business. If possible, wait until after the retrograde phase to begin any new projects, business alliances, contracts, or positions. Use this time to finish things you have started, getting it over and done with will not only help you relax it will also give you the feeling of accomplishment. 
    • Unplug From Technology. At the very least, avoid using it as your primary means of communication. Communication is at its most unstable state when mercury is in retrograde, and your message can be misunderstood in a thousand different ways. When you can, try to have discussions in person. Be prepared for your calls to be missed, emails to disappear into thin air, and misunderstood messages.
    • Give Yourself Time to Reflect. Mercury wants you to see things from a new point of view, while the days may be full of stress its key not to miss the opportunity to reflect or else the lessons may keep returning. Draw yourself a nice hot bath for you to escape too, light some candles and add in our Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb - perfectly designed to help with this retrograde. Use this time to relax your body and clear your mind so you can begin to sort through the chaos of your thoughts. 


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