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The Rituals of the Full Moon (Crystal Bar Soap Full Moon Collection)

The Rituals of the Full Moon (Crystal Bar Soap Full Moon Collection)

The powerful energy of the Moon is often behind the inspiration of our Crystal Bar Soap creations. From our best selling Moon Child, to our Zodiac Collection, the moon has always been considered when we make our products. 

If you have never taken the time to align yourself with the moon and her power energy, I encourage you to join me moving forward in the Rituals of the Full Moon; a collection of Crystal Bar Soaps inspired by the Monthly Full Moon. 

Each month we will educate and align ourselves with the combination of moon and zodiac energy being offered. The Full Moon shines a light on new areas each month, we plan to explore the intentions of each Full Moon in combination with the zodiac sign it falls under to gain the most out of our Full Moon Rituals. We have explored Full Moon Rituals in the past with our Full Moon Ritual: in 5 Easy Steps article but now we are elevating our full moon experience. 

The Collection begins this May with the blooming of the Flower Moon; they say this moon bring new beginnings and the blossoming of fresh ideas and that couldn't be more true with this newest collection. 

Each month you can expect a new creation inspired by the Full Moon that month, you can expect a creation for..

May:  Flower Moon
June: Strawberry Moon
July: Buck Moon
August: Sturgeon Moon
Sept: Harvest Moon
Oct: Hunter's Moon
Nov: Beaver Moon
Dec: Cold Moon
Jan. Wolf Moon
Feb. Snow Moon
March  Worm Moon
April:  Pink Moon



I want to create products that can be used before the full moon to begin the energy cycle, during your full moon ceremonies and, after the moon has past and we complete the cycle before moving to our next phase.

Join me each month as we launch a new Full Moon inspired creation.

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Angela Thompson

It never ceases to amaze me all the beauty that’s created by Kat and her team! Another incredible collection to be thankful for. Plus this collection starts in my birth month.. May 😱 So exciting✨💎🙌😍💜

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