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Luscious Hustle Interview

by Katrina Wright August 08, 2018

Luscious Hustle Interview


Going All In: How to Become the Entrepreneur Your Business Needs with Katrina Wright

Katrina Wright is a self-made businesswoman and the girl boss behind Crystal Bar Soap; a vegan soap company that embeds crystals into their bars for the ultimate self-care experience. Katrina took an idea and ran with it to create a worldwide sensation: Crystal bar soaps that cleanse your mind while you cleanse your body.

Moving the business from Calgary to Los Angelos has taught Katrina what it takes to run an international business. Through all the growing pains, her core beliefs kept her motivated and aligned with her business’s purpose. Katrina embodies an abundant mindset and taught herself the required skills to up-level. Above all though, it was the business that taught Katrina who she wanted to be, and how to take care of herself, as only she can.

Today, Katrina shares her biggest lessons from building a business, as well as practical advice on how to increase your occupational happiness.





  • Why simply taking action on an idea is the way to evolve, even if it’s half-baked [4:50]
  • How Katrina uses Instagram-worthy photos to continue to grow [5:30]
  • The difference between starting a side hustle and starting a business full-time [9:00]
  • How to laser-beam focus on what will build the foundation of your business [10:50]
  • Katrina’s own balanced formula for finding happiness while growing into a boss [12:16]
  • How an early website led to international growth by removing limitations [14:20]
  • How to eliminate expectations for income, but keep high standards of value [18:45]
  • How raising independent children can empower entrepreneurship [19:40]
  • The changing conversation around stay-at-home and working moms [22:00]
  • Katrina’s largest regret through her business building journey [25:30]
  • Katrina’s biggest piece of advice for anyone with a dream [27:00]
  • Social media strategy for building a brand [28:58]
  • Social media non-strategy for building a romantic relationship [30:30]
  • The most challenging investment and the necessary mindset shift [35:00]
  • How to be open to collaboration as a gateway to abundance [38:00]
  • Why you should let go of guilt and define self-care specifically for you [40:00]
  • What to do RIGHT NOW if you are complaining about your job [43:30]
  • The many different ways that you can fund your growing business [45:00]


Katrina mentioned a previous episode of the Luscious Hustle Podcast where we discuss how to brand without social media, which you can find here: Episode 81 with Alex Cattoni

Katrina’s favorite book on money mindset is Grant Cardone’s Be Obsessed or Be Average, which can also be found on Audible.

Laura’s favorite book on money mindset is Lynee Twist’s The Soul of Money.


Connect with Katrina at Crystal Bar Soap:


Instagram: @crystalbarsoap

Facebook: @crystalbarsoap




Do you currently have an idea that you would like to grow into a business?

The Luscious Hustle Academy helps soulful entrepreneurs like you discover your purpose and build the business of your dreams. Turn passion into profit by harnessing the power of branding, tech and your own intuition. Head on over to for more information.

Katrina Wright
Katrina Wright

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