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Identifying your "BIG 3" in Astrology

Identifying your "BIG 3" in Astrology | Crystal Bar Soap

With the launch of our new zodiac collection "Sun, Moon & Rising" it's time to start learning exactly what your birth chart is and how to read it. Reading your birth chart can be a little intimidating which is why we are going to take it slow and start with the basics. 

Identifying your "BIG 3"

Your "BIG 3" in astrology refers to your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign, you can easily find these signs by inputing your birth details into a birth chart program like Astro Charts. You’ll likely see a circle pop up with lots of lines and colors but don't worry, we will get into all those details later. For now, we just want to focus on your Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant (or Rising Sign). These are extremely important, as they represent the core aspects of who you are and how you interact with life on a daily basis.

How the Sun, Moon & Rising influences your chart

The Sun

When someone asks you what your sign is, whether or not they know it, they're asking about the position of the sun at your moment of birth. The Sun is our basic personality, identity, ego and consciousness and is the most powerful indicator of who we are. Understanding our Sun Sign allows us to connect with our purpose in life, becoming self-aware as we discover how we can grow into our most fulfilled and authentic selves. Just like the Sun itself, the sun gives us life, it is always there and bright which is why our Sun sign is connected with the Sun. It is essential that we are actively feeding this side of ourselves to ensure we feel strong and fulfilled in life. 


The Moon

Of all the signs in astrology, the moon is the most important for us to feel nourished. The moon rules our emotions and subconscious, if we do not feed our Moon sign, we simply cannot feed content. Understanding our Moon sign is essential for building healthy relationships as it is a key part of how we want to receive love and support from our loved ones.

For example, I have an Aquarius Sun with a Cancer moon. While my Aquarius Sun loves being energetic, free, creative and social my Cancer moon requires time alone to nourish myself. I find that I am most fulfilled with I work alone on my arts, either through painting, dancing, singing etc. When I express myself when I am alone I feel the most happy and that allows me to carry this energy into all the interactions I have with others becoming a beacon of light. When I forget to schedule time for myself I feel as if my light is dim and I cannot offers others the light I have inside me. 


Ascendent (The Rising Sign)

Our Ascendant the beginning of our astrological chart, it is identified as the first sign on the horizon at the time of our birth and falls into your first house therefore starting how your entire chart is laid out. If the sun sign is how we see ourselves, and the moon is how we really feel the rising is how others see us and makes up the final piece in our big 3. The Rising shows us important elements of our personality and how we show up in our daily lives. It rules how we connect with friends and co-workers as well as shows us aspects of our childhood. 


Now that you understand your BIG 3 and have found your birth chart its time to explore in depth your how the zodiac sign connected with your Sun, Moon and Rising shapes your identity.



Now I know I am sun in Scorpio , moon in Gemini and ascending in Libra. So cool to delve deeper into what they all mean

Erin Porcaro

Still confused on finding my moon and rising signs. While this is great info on how they affect you and each other, this still doesn’t tell me how to find mine. I am a cancer, as my birthday is July 19th. But other than that I do not know how else to identify my signs.

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