High Priestess meet The Empress

High Priestess meet The Empress

The High Priestess was a beautiful edition to our collection, but there is no question that this bar should be surrounded by the energy of the rest of the tarot cards in the Major Arcana. With 21 cards to choose from finding the best soap to launch next seemed like a challenge but deep down in my heart knew that we needed to add the The Empress to compliment the energy of the High Priestess. 

The energy of the High Priestess and The Empress is very different, yet the same. These both represent powerful and essential women. The High Priestess is this bad-ass, no f's given Queen. She represents higher self-wisdom, inner clarity, strength, and self-trust. She understands that, on the superconscious level, she has access to all the insight she needs to govern any situation. The Empress is Mother f-ing Earth, also a Queen but also the most nurturing and caring soul. The Empress is strong and fierce but also soft and playful. She represents the aspect of the Divine feminine that is the mother, the creative impulse, the warm, forgiving, eternally loving archetype.

I love our creation of The Empress; the were so many design decisions made to reflect the elements found in this card. I wanted to take a moment and break those elements down and share their meaning. 


  • Crown of Twelve Stars: The crown of twelve stars represents the twelve signs of the zodiac and her mastery over anyone of any sign, a power of seduction. 
  • Waterfall: Waterfalls are continual, rushing waters symbolizing perpetual refreshment and life-sustaining nourishment. This symbol expresses the ability of the Empress to open up her intuitive resources and allow abundance to flow through her freely. 
  • Wheat: Wheat is a universal sign for nourishment. With it comes the association of harvest. The wheat is also a symbol of a process - a time to sow, a time to grow and a time to pick the fruits of our labor. The Empress is keenly aware of time and the part it plays in manifesting our desires.

These symbols are so essential to The Empress, you can find these elements throughout this entire bar. 

  • Crown of Twelve Stars: Has been created as a trail of biodegradable glitter that we pour on the top of the bar. It is the last step before the stone is placed inside. 
  • Waterfall: The blue in this bar represents water, we wanted to create a very mother earth theme but with the added energy of the divine feminine. We created waterfalls by swirling the soap to flow down into the bar. 
  • Wheat: We didn't add wheat but we created the green section with the powerful superfood spirulina. This superfood is all about nourishing your body and works perfect to nurture you in the same way as The Empress. 

If you have tried our High Priestess soap than this has to be the next bar you add to your collection. We worked so hard on recreating this Tarot card into a Crystal Bar Soap. I really hope you love it and we cannot wait to continue to add to this collection. 

In the comments let me know how familiar you are with Tarot, it will really help me figure out the best way to share, educate and speak with you moving forward. 


Soaps Featured: 


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