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25 Best Bath Bombs For You To Try This National Bath Bomb Day

25 Best Bath Bombs For You To Try This National Bath Bomb Day

National Bath Bomb Day is celebrated on May 25 every year. The day is for you to take time for self-care and relaxation through bath bombs. Bath bombs are a great addition to your bath time ritual to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere! Bath bombs have become a hot commodity for stress relief, and pure bath time fun. Everyone needs a special day to stop, relax & unwind…and what better way than with a nice warm bath & luxurious bath bomb! 

Here are 25 of Our Best Bath Bombs For You To Try This Bath Bomb Day!

1. Dark Season

  • Infused with Clear Quartz
  • Scented in a Frankincense Essential Oil 
  • Infused with  Butterfly Pea Flowers, Heather, Marigold, Rose, and Lavender Petals.



2. Pollinators

  • Infused with Silver Leaf Jasper
  • Scented in Oat milk and Vegan Honey

3. Spellbound

Infused with Smokey Quartz

Scented in a soft and alluring blend of coconut milk, bergamot, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, jasmine, tonka bean, cypress, cedarwood, and musk.

4. Return To Roots

Return to Roots is an idea focused on reconnecting people with nature, each other, self, and spirit. By living in harmony with the land we gain compassion for all living things, including one another.

5. Sunflower Therapy

Turn your face to the sun, and let the shadows fall behind you

6. Venus Rebirth

Venus Rebirth is the embodiment of the energy of the planet Venus.

7. Daddy Neptune

  • Infused with Angelite
  • Blue and Purple embeds inside
  • Scented in a blend of Citrus and Wood.

8. Pluto

Known as the planet of transformation, pluto reminds us that transformations can be small and powerful. That the things we do daily can, over time renew our spirits. This bath bomb is a tiny minty addition to any bath or foot soak, made with menthol crystals this bath bomb will bring the cooling energy of pluto to your bathing rituals. 

9. Dear Universe

You have the power to manifest anything you want, this bath bomb is a tool to connect you to the faith and guidance of the universe. Your inner being is rooted in everything you've ever wanted and is attracting to you those things at all times.

10. Ego Rebirth 

Soak your body in the healing benefits of Natural French Green Clay, Pomegranate Flowers, and a warm blend of Tea Tree and Cedar wood Essential Oils. Together they have a strong fresh, clean, and slightly woodsy aroma and are considered a go-to choice for mind, body, spirit wellness.

11. Lunar Living

Inside the book of Lunar Living is the soft aroma of midnight Jasmine flowers, this soft and soothing blend allows you to enjoy this book as you relax your mind and body into a soft slumber.

12. Shadow Intentions

This flirtatious and seductive blend has a complexity that will keep you coming back for more. At first, the soft aroma of jasmine fills the air but it's tempered by the earthy notes of clary sage. Complimenting these scents is ylang-ylang, making this a very beautiful blend of aromas. 

13. Mother Earth

This bath bomb is designed to look like our homeland of mother earth. Layers of earthy green and ocean blue create a whirlwind of color in your tub creating a perfect environment for a peaceful bath experience. Enjoy the lovely aroma of rosewood (land) and coconut (water) as this bath bomb fizzes its way down to the Moss Agate crystal inside. 

14. Psychic Protector

Channel the divine energy of this fierce lioness warrior goddess. 

15. Underwater Fantasy

Drop this shell into your water and transform your tub into a deep sea escape. Infused with soothing colors, pink salt, colorful purple embeds, and the powerful healing energy of Prehnite. This shell heals the healer and enhances inner knowing by being directly attached to one’s own personal will. Prehnite helps us lead with our hearts. 

16. Restful Rest

Reset your mind and body with this soothing bath bomb formulated to nourish your skin with an infusion of powerful minerals and vitamins. Featuring French Green Clay, which gets its green color comes from a combination of iron oxides and algae. This ingredient is full of minerals such as montmorillonite, dolomite, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, silicon, copper, selenium, and cobalt. 

17. Gates To Paradise

Find yourself at the gates of paradise, beyond this lock is an oasis of flowers and an abundance of fruit to forever live in happiness. Sweet notes of lilies,  mandarin, juicy pineapple, and ylang-ylang. This blend is balanced with gentle notes of incense and oud. Together it smells like standing at the rusty gates with a perfect oasis on the other side. 

18. Bring Balance

Yin and Yang is the principle of existence and the fact that everything in life flows and grows. It is impossible to define the state of yin or yang but instead, both energies are feeding off each other and existing simultaneously. Inside discover the energy of 2 stones working together to bring the energy of yin and yang to your bath ritual. White Jade and Black Tourmaline - White Jade is a stone that signifies positivity and hope. 

19. Daily Detox

Soak your body in the healing benefits of Pacific Sea Salt infused with Activated Coconut-Shell Charcoal to create a powerful detoxifying bath bomb soak. Sea Salt is mainly comprised of sodium chloride and over 70 trace minerals, like magnesium and potassium, electrolytes, and your body needs, and is absorbed into the skin while you soak. 

20. Flower Moon

The Flower Moon in May brings us the chance to bloom into our best selves. Just like little seeds that we planted into the depths of dirt, this full moon reminds us that we have to work through our darkest shadows to find our way to the light. This full moon is focused on growth and abundance and celebrates all the shadow work you have done to get to this point. 

21. Radiant Nectar

Start your morning by soaking your skin in the Radiant Nector of fresh peaches and mangos to soften the skin and awaken the mind. Release the bath bomb into the tub and watch as the marigold petals slowly release in the rays of sunlight.

22. Witch's Rune

The Witch's rune is scented in a musky, woodland blend with hints of vanilla and crushed raspberries. 

23. Dark Jewels

Cleanse your spirit with the vibrations of these dark jewels. The Sapphire gem is perfect for creating serenity and symbolizes loyalty. The Emerald possesses an alluringly earthy feel that boosts creativity and an abundance of productive energy. Lastly, Ruby is linked with power, status, and an unending desire to conquer. This is the go-to option when you need a confidence boost!

24. Moon Kissed

Drop this into the water during a Full moon under the energy of a water sign for its strongest effects. We carefully blended moon water, bergamot oil, fresh cassis, rose petals, neroli, and jasmine with a touch of smoked wood. Soak and cleanse while the energy of the moon kisses your skin. 

25. Moon Phases

A powerful blend of bergamot, cassis, rose, neroli, jasmine, and smoky musk capture the essence of the glowing moon

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