This collection has been carefully crafted to enhance, honor and celebrate the elements of witchcraft, self care and the history of All Hallow's Eve. 


Halloween has been celebrated throughout the history of the world as a sacred day because of its timing with the Earth and the natural cycle of ending and beginning, when dark and cold winter approaches and nature "dies" only to have the cycle repeat as a rebirth in the spring.

Halloween has become known as a time a year to remember and honor our ancestors and those that have passed and become spirits to this earth. This universal experience of life and death is what roots us all together and allows our souls to unite on Halloween.  

Halloween Eve is a night when the world comes together to recognize the dark while celebrating the light that constantly surrounds us.  


Throughout all of history, those "wise women" that craft with herbs to hell and practice spiritually have been labeled as wicked and targeted as dangerous. Books have been written dated as far back to mid-1400s with instructions on how to find and hunt those that practice. 

As a modern day self care healer it is essential to recognize and understand the past that this spiritual journey has... thousands of years ago, myself as a single women working with crystals and magic would have been hung or burned. We have been feared, we have been targeted but we have rise and we are still here! Healing ourselves, each other, the past and the future!

Elements of our new collection pay tribute to the 1692 Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials. Witch hysteria grew parallel to the outbreak of smallpoxs, people lived and fear and the tense atmosphere was ripe for finding scapegoats. Women that showed signs of delusions or body shakes were quickly targeted. One women confessed to being a witch and began accusing others of using black magic. That is when the trials began. On June 10, Bridget Bishop became the first accused witch to be put to death during the Salem Witch Trials when she was hanged at the Salem gallows. Around 150 people were accused and 18 were put to death. Women weren’t the only victims of the Salem Witch Trials; six men were also convicted and executed.


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