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It's February which means our custom "Citrus Comet" soaps have been launched into the world in collaboration with Goddess Provisions. A few months ago Goddess Provisions reached out to us to work together again. Our first collaboration was back in 2016 when we had our Enchanting Love soaps in one of their boxes. Right afterwards we had a video on Facebook go viral and shortly after that moved to America. Although we have wanted to be back in the Goddess Box timing was not on our side so we were super happy when Goddess Provisions reached out again and we were able to make our dreams a reality.

So the stars aligned for us to create a space themed product for this magical box we had to say yes! Plus SPACED THEMED!!! What a perfect theme! Right after our year of Zodiac soaps this was the perfect next big product for us. 



We designed a few different bars, first going with a space and stars look... next a planet inspired creation but something was off.. we needed fire! a spark! Jill, the Founder of Goddess Provisions was really drawn to our Aries bar Phoenix Rising so played around with the look of the fire and added the idea of a comet flying through space.   

The last time we did Goddess our soaps also had poppy seeds and it was a big comment from all of you that you loved it. I knew I wanted to play tribute to what all of you loved last time and add it to this creations. We mixed poppy seeds and a super fun and refreshing essential oil, Orange to the recipe and bam! Citrus Comet was born! 

This creations is truly a treat for the skin, as the winter blues fade and spring starts to peak her flowers out nothing feels better than bringing with citrus enriched bar into the shower and scrubbing until the snow melts. Leave feeling refreshed while the energy of the carnelian stone embedded inside helps boost motivations, passion and creativity. 






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