Getting Intimate with May's Flower Moon

On Saturday May 18 at  2:12 PM in Los Angeles (please adjust time according to your timezone) the Moon will fill up with the powerful Full Moon Energy. Pay attention to the energy around you starting as early as Friday evening and into Sunday as the Flower Moon Blooms her magic into our life.

 This Full Moon happens under the influence of Scorpio, so we will have to take all the knowledge we have about Scorpio and consider it during our magic work this weekend. Scorpio energy in general is all about Sex, Intimacy and Power! So this Full Moon will increase our appetite for all the flavors in the Scorpio diet! 

This Moon in Scorpio will create the need to delve into our feelings as deep as possible. We should consider our desire for meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and this Moon may shine the light on areas we need to change to get them. Shallow relationships are no longer satisfying because they are not purifying enough. 

Something else to consider is that this Full Moon in Scorpio occurs during Taurus season, so we will have some influence from this earth element. Especially because Mercury and Venus are currently in Taurus. “When the watery Scorpio Moon opposes the earthy Taurus Sun and Mercury (who is in Taurus), we can expect our unconscious minds and desires to be stimulated,” Lisa Stardust says. “That means letting out our inner passions, without hesitation.”

Use the energy of this full moon from Friday evening through Sunday Morning to explore your passions, be intimate with yourself or others, be physical through dancing or sports. Use the energy to unwind and release some stress and energy the pleasure of being human. 

After my break up in August 2018 I made a commitment to myself to enjoy a year of pleasure... filling my days with what feels good. Dancing, Food, Sex, Gym etc. It is super simple, I just turn inwards and ask myself what I want today to feel good and happy! Through this mindset I have opened myself up to the world and all the beauty it holds. This mindset is what I will strongly carry with me as we enter the Full Moon. 

Share below your intentions for this Full Moon or comment afterwards the energy you manifested! xoxo Happy Full Moon! 

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