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The Month of February marks a very special milestone in our Crystal Bar Journey, we are officially launching our very first Subscription Box. This has been a dream of mine to do for years but the timing was never right. **Ultimate Business Self Care is respecting the journey and growing when you are ready, and not rushing to do it all at once. 

Crystal Bar is almost 4 years old now and after a short life in Canada and a restart here in the USA its time to plant some roots and explore what Crystal Bar Soap can really be. 

After the completion of our Zodiac Collection I knew I wanted to launch another monthly project. The idea of doing a new soap every month seemed like such a challenge only just a year ago but after working on this collection for a year it now feels like an essential part of our work to design and create as the seasons change.

Hence the monthly subscription box! 

Our first box starts with February, here at the studio we wanted to start off with a little bang and create 2 mini soaps to use during the "Month of Love". Our original idea was to create a bar to use and a bar to give away, creating this idea of sharing the love. Using a bar to love yourself with and another to give love to someone else.. isn't that what Valentines Day is all about. 

We ended up creating two beautiful and uniquely different mini soaps, Cupid's Kiss and Forbidden Garnet. 


 Cupid's Kiss is made with the crystal Rose Quartz which opens the heart. It is used to raise self esteem, create a sense of self worth, and stimulate love from within. Helps to also attract love from others.

This bar was scented with Anise and Rose to create a unique floral scent the feels intimate and exotic. We also blended the smallest amount of poppy seeds to create a unique scrubbing experience. As you use the bar only one or two seeds should be felt create a stimulating feeling. 

Forbidden Garnet is made with the crystal Garnet which brings out your best qualities and aids with making new friends or companions. Garnet is also known for its utilization of creative energy, ideal to help energy flow. 

This bar was filled with a sensual Amber aroma, allowing the user to feel warm inside. The gentle and comforting scent allows one to feel space and open to receiving love and friendship. 

Don't miss out, join our subscription service today to get good vibes delivered straight to your door. 

Special Thanks to our Local Print Shop Feathers Printing for printing all of our Subscription Box inserts. We love getting to also support small businesses in the area.

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