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Experience The Energy of Taylor Swift Fearless Era with this collection inspired by her sparkling fringe era

Experience The Energy of Taylor Swift Fearless Era with this collection inspired by her sparkling fringe era

Inspired by the Eras Tour 

We crafted up a magical collection inspired by all of Taylor Swifts Eras, our goal was to create an experience through each era with scents and colors. Taylor Swift's "Fearless" album holds a significant spiritual meaning. The album is about being fearless in love and life, and it encourages listeners to take chances and embrace their emotions. The album's title track, "Fearless," is about someone who wants to take a chance on love, even though they are afraid of getting hurt. Taylor Swift wrote in the liner notes that her definition of fearlessness was "not the absence of fear" or doubt but living, loving, and embracing life.

Fearless is a powerful album that encourages listeners to be fearless in love and life. It marked a turning point in Taylor Swift's career and set the stage for her future success. Looking back on the album now, it is clear that its spiritual meaning has stood the test of time and continues to inspire listeners.


In the Fearless Era

Fearless Fifteen  Immerse yourself in the magic and curiosity of being fifteen and fearless. Infused with the energy of Golden Healer Quartz will restore your body’s balance and encourage peace and harmony. It will lead you to positive changes, raise your vibrations, amplify your intentions, and release any blockages that are present in your body and in your life. Indulge in a luxurious golden aroma that will make you wish you could stay in this moment Forever & Always.

Love Story  Unlock the tale of love with this romantic Love Story bath bomb! Enjoy a romantic oasis as you take a luxurious bath on your journey to find your truest love. Inside Cream Moonstone reminds us that life is a series of cycles and that there is a season at all times, so we are wise when we honor and enjoy each passing moment. It also teaches us the value of patience, and to wait for the “right time” rather than trying to force something to come to pass. With its sweet, dreamy aroma of bergamot, peach, strawberry, apple blossom, African tamarind, Damask rose, tonka bean, coconut milk, and white musk, your bath time will be more magical than ever!

If Fearless is your favorite, using this collection can be a fun, meaningful, and beautiful way to celebrate the Fearless Era. 


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