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Experience The Energy of Taylor Swift Debut Era with this collection inspired by her early days

Experience The Energy of Taylor Swift Debut Era with this collection inspired by her early days

Inspired by the Eras Tour 

We crafted up a magical collection inspired by all of Taylor Swifts Eras, our goal was to create an experience through each era with scents and colors. Starting with Debut, the songs on this album are about the things she observed from other people. When we start looking deep into the spiritual meaning we can see a young Taylor exploring the human experience of wondering about who we are and what other people think of us.

It speaks to the risks and rewards of self-discovery and the journey of finding oneself. Looking back on it now in comparison to her entire career, it is clear that Taylor Swift has evolved both musically and spiritually. Her music has become more introspective and mature, exploring themes of self-forgiveness, self-healing, and caring for oneself. 

If Taylors Swift entire career is a journey, her first album is the starting point of her finding her place in this world. When I think of this album I connect it to themes of innocence, fearless, the unknown. 


In the Debut Era

Place In This World Treat yourself to a relaxing bath designed to help you find your place in this world. Infused with soft earthy notes that sound like Tim McGraw playing on the radio while you lay in the grass dreamy of who you will become. Infused with Clear Quartz it helps us reignite our true identity while showing us the path towards enlightenment. Its ability to amplify the energy around it makes it excellent for manifestation. Sprinkle this salt into your bath to return to a simpler era. 

Stay Beautiful Feel beautiful in every bubble with our Stay Beautiful bath bomb! Crafted with quality ingredients, this gentle fizzer will make your skin feel amazing- and your heart smile! Scented in fresh flowers of jasmine, heliotrope, and cherry blossoms. Infused with the energy of Opalite, which is also known as the "Stone of Eternity." It is said to bring forth the understanding of the true self and our paths no matter how far we've deviated. Enjoy a luxurious soak that will keep you feeling beautiful inside and out. 

If Debut is your favorite, using this collection can be a fun, meaningful, and beautiful way to celebrate the Debut Era. 


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