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Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra | Crystal Bar Soap

The 7th and final chakra, the Crown or Sahaswarawhich translates to “thousand petaled.” The Crown chakra is associated with the higher cosmic consciousness, when we connect with this chakra we are able to connect with our spiritual side. This connection gives us a sense of peace and purpose in what we do.

This energy can be difficult to describe, but it's a very magnetic feeling. Have you ever held too magnetics together, their energy creates tension, even thou you can't see it you can feel it. This is the energy with the Crown Chakra, its what we vibrate out to the world and we wanna make sure it is positive and light. When working with the Crown Chakra it is important that if we feel it is blocked that we make conscious shifts and practice living with intention. 

The Details

Location: Crown of the head - It radiates down to between your eyes and then extends infinitely upward and outward, connecting you to the energy of the rest of the universe.

Color: Violet or white.

Signs of an Balance/Unbalanced Crown Chakra

When in balance: A balanced chakra is a goal for any spiritual worker, people can spend their whole life working achieve complete connection with this chakra. Once you achieve it, you’re not really human anymore – you are able to surrender to life and connect to something higher than ourselves. Although, when working on the Crown chakra it brings us happiness, so it's always a great chakra to consider. When working with the Crown it helps us align the other 7 chakras. 

When out of balance: We may be spiritually disconnected or overactive, spending too much time looking upward and not enough time grounding in the real world. When blocked we lack empathy and find it difficult to connect with others. It is common to feel trapped and helpless, with no sense of direction or purpose.

Crystals for the Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz cleanses your energy body and amplifies all other crystal and healing work you do. Because of its ability to focus and concentrate your thoughts and energies, you can achieve your goals faster with this crystal in your arsenal.

Selenite: Well known for clearing toxic energies from the body, Selenite also resonates strongly with the Crown Chakra. By clearing away negative energy it allows higher vibrations to permeate through your chakras and aura.

White Calcite: White Calcite is a soft (energetically and on the hardness) crystal which can clear your mind of noise and clutter. The effects become more apparent the longer you use it. Consequently it is one of the best crystals listed in this article to use for meditation or focusing on a particular task.

Crown Chakra Mantra

“I surrender to the highest and best that seeks to emerge through me.”


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