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Benefits of Moon Bathing

Benefits of Moon Bathing

I've always been a night owl; obsessed with the moonlight and its energy. So when I came across the idea of Moon bathing I knew I had to fully embrace this ritual in my own life. The idea is quite simple, you go for sunbathing under the sun for warm so moon bathing is just that but under the moonlight. The moonlight is cool and refreshing and bathing under the moonlight can help regain lost energy and enthusiasm. 


Moonbathing is not well known in many parts of the world. While people flock to beaches for sunbathing from one corner of the globe to another they would not even step out to their back garden to bask under the cooling rays of the moonlight. There are two reasons for this: One is sunbathing is a day time affair where fun and frolic are order of the day not to mention socialising much sought after by sunbathers. Second reason is the illumination from moonlight compared with sunlight is too fractional to be considered anything worthy.

But the fact remains that moonbathing is as important as sunbathing; the benefits derived from moonbathing are equally important. Both sunbathing and moonbathing grant you different types of energy. The Sun (yang) gives you energy but dries your feelings and emotions; where as The Moon (yin) replenishes your emotions.

Tips for Moonbathing

1. Choose the Lunation Cycle right for you:

First Quarter: Ranges from eighth till eleventh lunar day. During these four nights you can moonbathe till about the midnight. This time is ideal for teens, convalescing persons and those who work in finance and banking sector

Waxing gibbous: Ranges from twelfth to fourteenth lunar day. During these three nights you can moonbathe between 10.00 p.m. till well past midnight. This lunation cycle is ideal for housewives, pregnant ladies or nursing mothers and those who work in teaching or educational related sectors

Full Moon: This Moon is also called as Night Moon because it is there in the sky the entire night. It appears for two days fifteenth and sixteenth lunar days. You can moon bathe from 8.00 p.m. till the wee hours as you please. This moon phase is excellent for artists, managers and business owners or persons involved in business related activities

Waning Gibbous: This phase has five days from seventeenth to twenty-first lunar days. The Moon rises late in the night in east and sets after Sun-rise. You will observe that the Moon is giving much cooler even though paler light. You can moonbathe around midnight till about 4.00 a.m. This suits fine for senior citizens and those who are serving in armed forces or regulatory bodies

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