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Benefits of Body Oils

Benefits of Body Oils

No matter what time of year it is keeping your skin properly moisturized is essential! In the ❄️ the cold air and lack of humidity make your skin dry and during the ☀️ exposure to the sun dehydrates the skin.

So how do you keep your skin quenched????

you might think lotions are ideal but they can quickly rub off and are often watered down. Body Butters are a great alternative to the lotion but the thick cream often takes a while to absorb into the skin and leaves me feeling oily…..

The solution!!! BODY OILS!!!

These have easily become my go-to for easily hydrated skin!!!! Our blend of sunflower and grape seed oil is light and nourishing, isopropyl myristate works to quickly absorb the oils into the skin and leaves you feeling silky, not oily. A light touch of fragrance and biodegradable glitter boosts the mood and makes me happy! Oils without glitter can even be used on your face but always do a test spot with any skincare!!!

Our formula works amazingly in the bathtub too! Remember those bath oil beads that were very popular in the 90s? Adding oil to your water is a great way for your body to absorb all that moisture that is lost when you cleanse your skin with soap.

For me? I LOVE to apply this oil over my skin after a shower! I focus on my arms, belly, and chest as they need the most moisture for my skin. I smell amazing and my skin is so soft afterward.

With spring coming soon and my love for our oils growing deeper and deeper each day it was time to invest some energy into oils that I know all of you will love!!! We have a little bit of something for everyone! The launch date has not been set but all the new oils are made and just waiting for you!!! Who’s excited??? !!! ✨


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