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Behind The Magic: Year of The Lovers

Behind The Magic: Year of The Lovers

Behind The Collection: Year of The Lovers

Welcome to our first post in our new series called "Behind The Magic" which followers all the in depth energy and work that goes into every collection we create here at Crystal Bar Soap.

We are starting with our Valentines Collection "Year of the Lovers" which was inspired by the collective tarot card for 2022 (2+0+2+2=6) which is "The Lovers"!!

(Insert Lovers Tarot Card Image) 

Enter the Garden of Eden

To start let's get reconnected with the energy of the Lovers Card and the symbolism and themes this card represents. The Lovers is the 6th card in the deck of Tarot and is associated with unity, harmony, celebration, movement, pride, and growth. 

When the Lovers Card appears it is often a sign to follow your heart, this card means discovering self love and inner confidence to move forward in life of your own personal happiness. It helps us discover what truly matters to us and helps us find partners and friendships that help us elevate our own goals. We become surround by those who genuinely care about our emotions and support our biggest dreams.

The Lovers is also connected to a temporary state of happiness, ruled by Gemini this card is full of duality which often means a choice needs to be made. 

We see two lovers in this card, suggesting there is a choice in play that could change your life but because they are still within the Garden of Eden it is seen as the last moment they have in pure bliss. However, The Major arcana teaches us that it is safe to move forward and that a greater satisfaction awaits for us in the future. 

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