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Bath Season’s officially back!

Bath Season’s officially back!

Fall is just around the corner which means Bath season’s officially back!

For bath lovers this season is especially exciting as we have missed our long hot soaks (hardcore bathers never really take a break during summer, merely adjust the water temperature). This season stock your bathroom with the best Crystal Bar Soap products! We specializes in creating unique bath and body products infused with crystals. Every products is carefully crafted with a blend of ingredients chosen to elevate the energy of the crystal inside. Here are some of the best Crystal Bar Soap products to make your bath season even better!

1. Celebrate the start of Bath Season with a festive Giving Tree!

2. Honor the shorter days with the Dark Season bath bomb.


We make sure make the best products so when it comes to bath time you can soak and enjoy. Here are a few reasons why you should try our products.


  1. High-quality Ingredients: We use carefully selected ingredients to create our products, ensuring that they are effective and safe for use. 
  2. Crystal infusion: Each soap and bath bomb is infused with a crystal, chosen for its unique properties and energyThis infusion adds an extra layer of intention and energy to the product.
  3. Small moments of self-care: We believe in the power of small moments of self-care, and our products are designed to help you take a few moments to reawaken your spirit and cleanse away bad vibes.
  4. Unique design: Not only effective, but also visually appealing. All our products are made with love and are hand crafted to make every creation truly unique. 
In conclusion, we use high-quality ingredients, crystal infusion, focus on small moments of self-care, and unique design. If you're looking for a fun and effective addition to your bath and body routine, this set is definitely worth trying.

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