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Astrology of April 2023: Your Guide To 6 Major Transitions

Astrology of April 2023: Your Guide To 6 Major Transitions

April 3 - Mercury Enters Taurus

On Monday, April 3, Mercuryenters Taurus establishing the tone for the month through open and straightforward communication. You can express yourself honestly and gently thanks to this transit because Taurus is an earthy, grounded sign controlled by the lovely Venus.

April 5/6 - Libra Full Moon

 Depending on where you are, the full moon in Libra at 16 degrees will occur either immediately around midnight on April 5 or very early on April 6. The moon in Libra values harmony, peace, balance, and fairness. The conjunction of the sun, Chiron, and Jupiter in Aries, opposing the moon, aggressively seeks risk, challenge, and even danger.

April 11 - The Luckiest Day of 2023 - Sun & Jupiter Align

 This is an annual event, but it only happens once every 12 years in the sign of Aries. Expect really awesome news, good fortune, or abundance to roll your way! Also, Venus enter Gemini - inviting charm & curiosity.

April 19/20 - A Powerful Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

The Solar Eclipse in Aries will occur on April 20. It has an effect that lasts for six months. This marks the start of a cycle of self-discovery and accepting our true selves. Aries challenges us to take command of our lives and venture forth boldly.

April 20 - Sun Enters Taurus

On Thursday, April 20, the sun enters the sensuous sign of Taurus. The upcoming weeks should be a relaxed period for having fun with friends, getting physical, taking advantage of the nicer weather, and cultivating awareness to appreciate the finer things in life.

April 21 - Mercury Goes Retrograde In Taurus

On April 21, Mercury retrograde enters Taurus, which may cause you to reevaluate some of the conversations from the previous several weeks. You could feel the need to revisit a conversation or repeat your viewpoints. There's a chance you'll run into old friends or see an earlier version of yourself.

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