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Aries Edition: Self Care For The Stars

Aries Edition: Self Care For The Stars
When it comes to exploring self-care for the zodiacs, I often see people confused with the signs is their energy and pairing it with something that matches vs. what I like to do which is pairing it with something that helps heal. Let me give a great example, using Aries! Most people see aries and think "fire sign" their self-care should be with fire! "Burn some incense and do some mediative breath" and that's it... or Aries is passionate so stick them in a spin class to release stress.

All of this is great but its not how I see your deepest and truest needs being fulfilled. When it comes to self-care I don't want a bandaid. I want long term healing, fulfilling, heart lead magic. So let's deep dive into the journey an Aries needs to go on. 


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and associated with the Fool in Tarot, the fool is one of my favorite cards in the deck because its all about leaping into the unknown. its the first step in your journey through life and for Aries they are the fearless leaders always filling to take risk. Now, this ability to jump fearlessly comes from being innocence. Aries is the first sign, which means it often makes choices and decisions without thinking of what could go wrong. And as admiring as this is its not always the easiest way to move through life. Lucky, I think being fearless is an incredible skill that is easier to have than to learn and all an Aries needs to do is learn pause and process a little more. 

You might have also heard that Aries is very "me" energy compared to other signs that focus on the collective. An Aries is designed to be a leader and learning how to pause and think how this will benefit the community vs just themselves is your destiny. By learning this skill you will become deeply satisfied with the connections you will build with others and you will most likely get a little ego boost from everyone seeing you as a powerful thoughtful leader. 

Self Care For An Aries 

Self Care For Your Mind 

A productive morning routine for an Aries should include making a daily to-do list. Your mind will feel better if you can check things off as you complete them. Then, after everything is completed and ticked off, you will feel proud of yourself for doing so much in a single day, even if it was only small tasks like doing the dishes or making your bed.

Another simple yet powerful self care activity you could do is unsubscribe from emails you no longer need is another quick but effective act of self-care. You may think it only takes a few seconds each day to erase the endless stream of emails you receive on a daily basis but it’s existential noise that can add to the mental stress in your life—Unsubscribe and enjoy the blissful silence of email notifications. 

Self Care For Your Body 

For an Aries, finding time to slow down and care for your body will not only be healing but will also teach you the lesson in slowing down. Trust me, I know from experience that slowing down for others can be excruciating. I've recently gave myself permission to be slower, I thought it would be a bad thing but through moving slower I've actually started to see everything in a new light and have made huge changes in my life that are actually helping me grow while remaining slow. 

For an Aries you will find that having the skill to be ok with moving slower at times will be very beneficial when it comes to maintaining relationships, learning to adapt and embrace other ways of doing, being, and seeing. Take time to enjoy a few moments of silence each morning. Turn your morning routines into rituals. Start reading a few chapters each day instead of scrolling your phone or take a luscious bath. None of these are intense physical activities but by moving slower here and there your body will having time to recovery.

Self Care For Your Soul 

When we think self care for the soul we want to do things that fill your heart so much that the high last for weeks. For an Aries you will find this through volunteering, especially as a fearless leader whose path in life is to lead a community. Use this time to consider other peoples needs and become a leader that helps others do good in the world. You are naturally born to do this and having strangers look up to you for doing good and leading the troop will feed your soul. Not to mention, volunteering every once in a while, allows you to get away from their own world for a short time, and it offers you a sense of peace hard to find elsewhere.


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